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Policy Statement

This interim policy governs the campus visitors of the University of Petra (UOP) during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is guided by the following fundamentals:

  • The health and safety of the UOP community is the University's top priority.
  • Restricting visitors to campus is a key mitigation procedure for the containment of the pandemic with the minimal exposure and contagion opportunity to ensure decreasing density and increasing the safety of our community.
  • The University follows all health and safety protocols mandated by the regulations of the ministry of health and the ministry of higher education in Jordan in accordance to legislation number 35.
  • Visitors are required to follow all updated protocols effective to keep the UOP community safe.

Policy Definitions

A Visitor is defined as any individual entering UOP property who is not an employee (faculty or staff), a currently enrolled student, or someone who lives in an on-campus residence (Female students' dormitory). Employees of University vendors, construction contractors, volunteers, relatives of tenants, and other groups listed below are considered Visitors.

A Host is defined as the University office/department, employee, or registered student organization requiring or inviting a Visitor to come to campus.

This policy applies to all Visitors to property owned or leased by UOP. This policy is meant to supplement — not replace — any Jordanian governmental and local health and safety regulations, to which UOP must comply.

Limitation on Visitors

Until further notice, UOP campus spaces, facilities, and buildings are open only for official University business and are not open to the general public. The following categories of Visitors are permitted on UOP property provided they have been invited by a Host and approved as provided in “Requirements for Visitors" below.

  • Construction contractors
  • Vendors and Suppliers of goods and services to be delivered to or performed on campus.
  • Relatives of Tenants of the Female students’ dormitory.
  • Visiting Faculty and Research Scholars Appointed Pursuant to University Policy.
  • Visiting students Invited Pursuant to University Policy.
  • Invited speakers or hired performers or artists.
  • Other visitors, on official University business, as approved by the relevant Dean or Vice President.

Policy Scope

Requirements for Visitors

All Visitors permitted on campus will be required to:

  1. Have their temperature measured at the designated gates of entry by means of an infra-red thermometer. Only those with temperatures within the normal range of measurements will be admitted on campus.

  2. Have obtained 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines (including AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, Spotnik V and Sinopharm), with vaccination certificates recognized by the official governmental online platforms (with QR codes, or SANAD application).

  3. Follow health and safety protocols adopted by the University and as required by Jordanian governmental regulations. This includes:

a. Self-monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms before coming on campus

b. Complying with the University's face-covering policy; by law, everyone must comply with wearing a mask when entering public establishments such as government buildings, shops, companies, universities, and health centers, etc., on public transportation, and in all government facilities

c. Complying with the University's physical distancing requirements; by law, everyone must comply with social distancing by keeping 1.5 meters away from other people when outside their home.

d. Regular handwashing and sanitizing.

Failure to comply with these rules is punishable by law through a fine.

Access to emergency health services and additional information (in English) can be found on the Government of Jordan's COVID-19 website and Visit Jordan website.​

To download the UOP General Policy Regarding Campus Visitors During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Please click on the following link​:

UOP General Policy Regarding Campus Visitors During COVID-19 Pandemic​​

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