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Disciplinary Offense: An offense that leads to taking disciplinary penalties against the students who committed them.
The following acts shall be deemed as disciplinary offenses, whereby any student who commits any of them shall be subject to disciplinary penalties:
  1. Deliberately abstaining or otherwise encouraging others to abstain from attending classes, lectures, or other University related works that a student must attend under the university regulations.
  2. Cheating or attempting to cheat in tests or examinations, or engaging in behavior that disrupts the orderly function of the examinations.
  3. Any act that degrades the honor, dignity or morality or prejudice the good conduct and behavior that would offend the reputation of the University or its employees, including any act committed by a student outside the University in one occasion in which the University participated or not.
  4. Organizing or participating  in any activity at the University that is not permitted by the competent authorities of the University, or participating in or instigating any activity that breaches the applicable regulatory rules at the University.
  5. Using of University buildings and facilities for purposes other than its intended purposes without a prior written permission.
  6. Distributing leaflets or posters, or issuing newspapers at University buildings and facilities, collecting signatures or donations without the approval of the component authority at the University, or misusing the permissions granted to conduct such acts.
  7. Disrupting the orderly function of lectures, seminars, or activities that take place at the University campus.
  8. Insulting or offending a member of teaching staff, University or faculties  staff, or individuals visiting the University.
  9. Any theft, damage, threat or attempt, intentional or not, of the movable or immovable property of the University, including sources of information.
  10. Violating or inciting to violate laws and University regulations, instructions and decisions.
  11. Forging University documents or furnishing false papers for any of the purposes of the University.
  12. Encouraging or otherwise colluding with other students or persons on committing an act of violence, fight or defamation (including oral, written or electronic defamation) against students or individuals at the University.
  13. Giving University documents and University IDs to others in order to use them in an illegal manner or refuse to present them if they were asked to do so by competent persons.
  14. Impersonating another person in doing any act or work that would violate laws, regulations and decisions applicable in the University.
  15. Any act or say that damages the national unity or undermines the country’s security and beliefs and traditions by promoting political, sectarian or partisan ideas.
  16. Using, helping in using, entering or possessing licensed or unlicensed fire or edged weapons or carrying various harmful substances and materials that may be used lawfully in the University campus.
  17. Using, promoting or possessing any narcotic or alcoholic materials, or attending the University while under their influence.
Students who have committed any of the offences stated in Article (3) of these Regulations shall be subject to any of the following disciplinary penalties:
  1. Warning.
  2. Getting the student out of a classroom, lab, or activity and ask for the security guards' assistance when necessary.
  3. Denying students from attending some or all course lectures during which the student has violated its rules and regulations.
  4. Denying the student from using services offered by the University facilities, wherein the student has committed the offense.
  5. First warning.
  6. Second warning.
  7. Final warning.
  8. Canceling the registration of one or more courses, wherein the student has committed a sanction and not refunding tuition fees.
  9. Fining the student twice the value of whatever he/she damaged.
  10. Confiscating any material causing disruption of the order of lectures and notifying the Faculty Dean or the Chair of the Department in writing.
  11. Temporary suspension from the University for one or more academic semesters.
  12. Final dismissal from the University.
  13. Postponing the Award of the Degree for a certain period determined by the Council of Deans.
  14. Revoking the decision to award a Degree should evidence of forgery or falsification in the requirements for obtaining a degree is found.
Two or more of the disciplinary penalties that are stated in these Regulations may be combined.
Dean's Message, Prof. Eyad Mallah
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