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Scholarship Opportunity - Embassy of France

Offer office is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity that is fully funded by the Embassy of France in Jordan to a candidate who is resident of Jordan to participate to the Femis Summer School in Paris from May 31st to July 26th 2019 on the topic of documentary filmmaking.
The requirements for the candidates are as following:
  • To be a young director or cinema student
  • To be resident in Jordan
  • To speak, read and write French
  • To be 30 years’ old or less on January 1st 2019
For more details, please refer to the following link:
The required documents:
  • The filled application form in French
  • A curriculum vitae (CV) in French
  • An application letter (letter of motivation) in French or English
Interested candidates have to send
the required documents to the following email address:
Deadline for submitting the applications:
February 2nd 2019