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Name : Abed El kareem Heider Alzou'bi

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Head of Department

Office 9302       Ext No 9100

Email :

Specialization: Business Management

Graduate Of: Saint Petersburg State University

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    Saint Petersburg State University
    Russian Federation
    Saint Petersburg State University
    Russian Federation

  • Journal Paper

      Abed El Kareem Alzou, " Factors Affecting the New Role of Human Resources " , "The Egyptian Journal For Commercial Studies",Vol.34,No.1, The Egyptian Journal For Commercial Studies, Almansoura-Egypt, 10/01/2010

      Dr. Abed El kareem A, " Factors Associated Organization agility on Product Development " , "International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences",Vol.9,No.3, International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences, Islamabad,Pakistan, 12/12/2011

      Alzoubi A and Albata, " • Inventory management and its impact on customer retention in terms of the competition " , "Journal of Baghdad college of economic sciences",Vol.33,No.-, Baghdad COLLEGE OF NCONOMIC SCIEITCNS, Baghdad Iraq, 12/10/2012

      D. Abdul Karim Fawaz Batayneh, d. Abdelkaeem alzoubi , " The Effect of Website Improvement of the Amman Stock Exchange on its Financial Performance " , "Research Journal of Finance and Accounting",Vol.5,No.22, Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, Hong Kong , 10/01/2012 Abstract:
      The big revolution in the field of information technology and information net work a significance impact of the performance of various institution activities . So this study aimed identify the impact the evolution of the website of the Amman Stock Exchange on its Financial Performance study sample consisted of of (50) individual included managers , department heads ,and staff ., where results showed and presence of the impact the development of the website of the Amman Stock Exchange on its Financial performance Performance

  • Conference paper

      Koburtay, T., & Alzoubi, A. , " Enhancing workers’ psychological well-being: does spirituality matter? " , "In the International Conference on Business, Sustainability, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences",Vol.1,No., ICBSEHS, United Kingdom, 01/09/2019 Abstract:
      This study aims to study how People-Organization (P-O) spirituality fit enhances workers’ psychological well-being. Grounded on a quantitative-hypothetical framework, this study uses paired sample t-test and multiple regression to test the hypotheses. Based on a questionnaire-survey distributed to workers in different industries, the results show a congruence in workers-workplaces’ spirituality which in turn improves workers’ psychological well-being. The originality of this study comes from offering systematic understanding of the linkages between spirituality and psychology scholarship.
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