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Name : Ghassan Issa

Academic Rank: Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 7404       Ext No 7000

Email : gissa@uop.edu.jo

Specialization: Computer Science

Graduate Of: Old Dominion - Virginia

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    Tri-State Univeristy - Indiana
    United States of America
    Toledo University- Ohio
    United States of America
    Old Dominion - Virginia
    United States of America
    Old Dominion - Virginia
    United States of America


University of Petra, Amman, Jordan (Sept.07 to present)

  • President Assistant For Web Development and Computerization (2009-presnt)
  • Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology (Aug. 2008 – Present)
  • Vice Dean of the Faculty  of Information Technology (2007-2008)
  • Chair for the Computer Science Department(2007-2008)
  • Member of several University committees

Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan (Sept.94 to Sept. 07)

  • Associate Professor, Computer Science (May 2005)
  • Dean of Faculty of Computer Science & IT (Sept. 2003 – Sept. 2005)
  • Director of Computer Center (Sept. 1999 – Sept 2003)
  • Director of Asulink.com Internet Service Provider (Oct. 2001 – Sept. 2007)
  • Director of ICDL Training Center (2002 – Sept. 2007)

Abu Dhabi University, Al-Ein, UAE (Dec 2002)

Director of the Computer Science Program.

Worked on the development and Accreditation requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Program   Duties included presentation of the program to the Accreditation Committee and achieving the Accreditation.

Office of  the German Development Corporation-GTZ, Amman, Jordan. (95 to 98)

Chief Consultant for the Project “ Promotion of a National Information System “
Worked on the Development of Information Systems in Government. Work Included Master Planning, Economic Efficiency Analysis and Cost/Benefit Analysis. Project Accomplished Includes Studies for the Prime Ministry, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry Planning, and the General Budget Department in the Ministry of Finance. Developed and Presented a number of training courses in Computer Technology for government institution.

Penn State University (Pennsylvania College of Technology), U.S.A (Aug.92 to Sept.94 )

  • Head of the Computer Science Department
  • Chairing the Computer Science Department and teaching Computer Science Courses.

Commonwealth College, Virginia ( 90 to Aug. 92)

  • Division Chairman, information Science
  • Managing the Computer Science Department. Various Responsibilities Including Teaching, Budget Development, Course Selection, Faculty Supervision, Student Counseling, and Public Relation. Position Includes Coordination Authority over Five Different Cam

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, (Jan 86 to May 92)

Computer Science Instructor



  • Book

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      Moh. Fayaomi, G. Otiebi, G. Issa, "Discrete Structures", Aldustour press, 2004

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      Abdulkarim albanna, Nawaf Ali, Ali Maqousi, Ghassan Issa, " Low Cost Control Unit (LCCU) For Monitoring single Appliance Power Consumption Based On IOT Protocols " , "International Journal of Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence",Vol.6,No., IRAJ, amman, 02/01/2019 Abstract:
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  • Chapter in a Book

      Hussein Al-Bahadili,, " Investigating the Performance of the TSS Scheme in Noisy MANETs " , "Simulation in Computer Network Design and Modeling: Use and Analysis ",Vol.,No., IGI Global Pbl. , USA, 01/01/2012

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      In recent years, dynamic clause weighting stochastic local search algorithms have emerged as the-state-of-the-art for solving satisfiability problems. In our study we experimentally investigated the weights behaviors and movements during searching for satisfiability. Firstly, We show that, second

  • Patent

      Abedal-kareem M Albanna, Majed Naser Albanna, Ghassan F Issa, Ghiath Mhd Kheir Eriksousi, Tamara Aljuboori, " PORTABLE NECK TREATMENT DEVICE " , "US 20180110674",Vol.1,No., US Patent Office, amman, 04/26/2018
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