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Name : Qasem Abu Al-Haija

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 7309       Ext No 1000

Email : qasem.abualhaija@uop.edu.jo

Specialization: Computer Engineering

Graduate Of: Tennessee State University

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    Jordan University of Science and Technology
    Tennessee State University
    United States of America


Professional and Academic Experiences:


Assistant Professor Feb/2021 - Current

University of Petra, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Department, Jordan.

  • Teaching and conducting research in areas of: Data science, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity


Postdoctoral Research Fellow Sep/2020 - Jan/2021

Tennessee State University, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, USA.

  • Conducting research in areas of: Machine learning, IoT/CPS and Cybersecurity.

Graduate Assistant (TA/RA) Aug/2018 - Aug/2020

Tennessee State University, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, USA.

  • Taught Digital Logic Lab and Electronics Lab for ECE and NES students.
  • Research assistant with many faculties at CS and ECE departments.

Lecturer and Research Mar/2011 - Aug/2018

King Faisal University, Electrical Engineering Department, Saudi Arabia.

  • Courses Taught: Microprocessors Systems, Digital Logic Design, Numerical Methods Computer Networks, Hardware Design II, Senior Design, Introduction to Engineering, Engineering Computing Skills (I/II) via MATLAB, IT for Biomedical Engineering.
  • Labs Taught/Prepared: Digital Design Lab, Microprocessors Lab, Mechatronics Lab Hardware Design II Lab, Network Simulation Lab, Arduino Microcontroller Lab.
  • Supervised many graduation projects : FPGA Design of RSA Cryptoprocessor, Microcontroller design of Car accident detection system, FPGA Design of Schmidt-Samoa Cryptosystem, Developing Secure KFU Email App.
  • Conducted researches in the fields of cryptography and embedded system design.
  • Served as a member of several committees: Scientific research, IT/Knowledge Management, EE Accreditation, Industrial relations, EE Curriculum, Academic/Student Affairs Public relations & Safety inspection committee.

Consultant and Researcher-Distance work Jan/2010 - Jan/2012

University Putra Malaysia (UPM), Department of Inf. Sys & Mathematica Research.

  • Assistant researcher in supervising the PhD dissertation of Mr. Mohamad Al-Khatib.
  • During this period, we’ve published 5 papers related to Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Graduate Assistant Feb/2009 - Feb/2010

Jordan University of Science and Technology, Computer Engineering Department.

  • Assisting the faculty members of computer department in the teaching and research


Lecturer and Lab Supervisor Sep/2008 - Sep/2009

Granada College for Technology, Department of Information Technology, Jordan

  • Courses taught: Computer Networks, Operating Sys., Visual Basic, Computer Skills.
  • Labs supervisor and administrator of college servers [Internet/ database/ security].

Instructor Sep/2007- Sep/2008

Jordan College for Sciences & Technology, Department of Manag. Info. System

  • Courses Taught: Computer Networks, C++, Java I, Visual Basic, Database/SQL.

Technical Trainer Aug/2005- Aug/2007

Technical College of Hafer Al-Batin, Dept. of Computer Technology, Saudi Arabia

  • Courses/Labs taught: Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronic Systems, Digital Logic Computer Hardware and Software, Computer Networks, Principles of Operating Sys. Computer Applications, Computer Programming (I/II), Database Management Sys.

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