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Name : Bilal Sowan

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9130       Ext No 9130

Email :

Specialization: Computing

Graduate Of: University of Bradford

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    Applied Science University
    Amman Arab University
    University of Bradford
    United Kingdom

Associate Professor, Department of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis, University of Petra, 2020-Now
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Zarqa University, 2019-2020
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Applied Science Private University, 2017-2019
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Applied Science University, 2011-2017
Teaching Assistant at Bradford University, UK, 2008-2010

  • Journal Paper

      Bilal Sowan, " A Comparative Analysis of Exam Timetable Using Data Mining Techniques " , "IJCSNS",Vol.17,No., -, -, 01/01/2017 Abstract:
      Knowledge discovery and data mining is an emerging practice that is applied in a wide range domain fields, for the purpose of extracting implicit knowledge from a huge database. This knowledge helps in making a decision in particular fields. It is one of the important developing applications is the

      Bilal Sowan, Hazem Qattous, " A Data Mining of Supervised learning Approach based on K-means Clustering " , "IJCSNS",Vol.17,No., -, -, 01/01/2017 Abstract:
      A diversity of application fields include a massive number of datasets. Each dataset consists of a number of variables (features). One of these variables that is considered as a dependent variable (target variable) and is used for prediction in data mining of the supervised learning task. Data minin

      Hazem Qattous, Bilal Sowan, Omar AlSheikSalem, " Teachme: A gesture recognition system with customizable feature " , "International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications",Vol.7,No., International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, -, 01/01/2016 Abstract:
      Many presentation these days are done with the help of a presentation tool. Lecturers at Universities and researchers in conferences use such tools to order the flow of the presentation and to help audiences follow the presentation points. Presenters control the presentation tools using mouse and ke

      Nada Hussein, Abdallah Alashqur, Bilal Sowan, " Using the interestingness measure lift to generate association rules " , "Journal of Advanced Computer Science & Technology",Vol.4,No., Science Publishing Corporation, -, 01/01/2015 Abstract:
      In this digital age, organizations have to deal with huge amounts of data, sometimes called Big Data. In recent years, the volume of data has increased substantially. Consequently, finding efficient and automated techniques for discovering useful patterns and relationships in the data becomes very i

      Bilal Sowan, Keshav Dahal, M Alamgir Hossain, Li Zhang, Linda Spencer, " Fuzzy association rule mining approaches for enhancing prediction performance " , "Expert Systems with Applications",Vol.40,No., Elsevier , -, 01/01/2013 Abstract:
      This paper presents an investigation into two fuzzy association rule mining models for enhancing prediction performance. The first model (the FCM–Apriori model) integrates Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) and the Apriori approach for road traffic performance prediction. FCM is used to define the membership funct
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