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Name : Mohammad Abu Zaytoon

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 7204       Ext No 7204

Email : mohammad.abuzaytoon@uop.edu.jo

Specialization: Mathematics

Graduate Of: University of New Brunswick / Canada

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    Jordan University of Science and Technology
    Jordan University of Science and Technology
    University of New Brunswick / Canada

  • Journal Paper

      M.H. Hamdan, M.A. Hajji, R. A. Ford, M. S. Abu Zaytoon, " Grid Distortion Errors in Streamfunction Coordinates " , "www.i-csrs.org",Vol.11,No., ICSRS Publication, Irbed, Jordan, 12/01/2018 Abstract:
      Grid distortion errors arising due to the use of non-orthogonal grid in the curvilinear streamfunction coordinate system are analyzed in this work. The objective is to offer a method of measuring and quantifying grid distortion errors. This is accomplished by solving numerically the problem of visco

      M. S. Abu Zaytoon, T. L. Alderson, M. H. Hamdan, " A Study of Flow through a Channel Bounded by a Brinkman Transition Porous Layer " , " https://www.scirp.org/journal/jamp",Vol.6,No., Scientific Research Publishing, Wuhan, China, 01/29/2018 Abstract:
      Flow through a channel bounded by a porous layer is considered when a transition layer exists between the channel and the medium. The variable permeability in the transition layer is chosen such that Brinkman’s equation governing the flow reduces to a generalized inhomogeneous Airy’s differential eq

      M.H. Hamdan, M. S. Abu Zaytoon, " Emden-Fowler Equation and Inverse Analysis of Simple Flows through Variable Permeability Porous Layers " , "www.i-csrs.org",Vol.10,No., ICSRS Publication, Irbed, Jordan, 06/01/2017 Abstract:
      In this work we introduce an inverse method to analyze simple flows through variable permeability porous layers. Assuming that the velocity distribution is given, or specified as a function of the permeability, the governing equation is solved for the permeability distribution, then the velocity fun

      M. S. Abu Zaytoon and M. H. Hamdan, " A Note on the Beavers amd Joseph Conditions for Flow Over a Forchhiemer Porous Laye " , "www.ijres.org ",Vol.5,No., IJRES, Chhattisgarh, India, 03/01/2017 Abstract:
      In thiswork, an attemptis made to relate the slip parameter in the Beavers and Joseph condtionat the interface between a Darcy layer and a Navier-Stokes channel, to the slip parameter to beusedwhen the porous layer is a Forchheimer layer.

      Mohammad Hamdan, Mohammad Abu Zaytoon, " Flow over a Finite Forchheimer Porous Layer with Variable Permeability " , "IOSR JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL AND CIVIL ENGINEERING (IOSR-JMCE)",Vol.14,No., International Organization Of Scientific Research (IOSR), USA, New York, 05/01/2017 Abstract:
      The problem of flow through a Navier-Stokes channel overlying a finite Forchheimer porous layer of variable permeability is considered. Choices of permeability distributions that will bring the Forchheimer velocity to zero on the bounding solid wall are discussed and their influence on the resulting
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