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Name : Wasef Matar

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 9109       Ext No 9109

Email :

Specialization: Management Information Systems

Graduate Of: University Technology Malaysia

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    كلية بن خلدون
    الاكاديمية العربيه للعلوم المالية والمصرفية
    Jerash University
    University Technology Malaysia

Academic Experience

·         Lecturer, Bisha Technical College, Saudi Arabia (July, 2004 – July, 2011).

·         Lecturer, Tabuk Technical College, Saudi Arabia (July, 2011 – July, 2012).

Non-Academic Experience

·         Computer Operator, Irbid District Electricity Company (March, 1994- June, 2003). Jordan.

Reviewer for IRICT 2017 (

  • Journal Paper

      Mater, W. and Ibrahim, R., " Factors Supporting Teamwork Communication In Clinical Pathways: Systematic Literature Review " , "Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology",Vol.,No., Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, , 02/11/2015 Abstract:
      Factors Supporting Teamwork Communication In Clinical Pathways: Systematic Literature Review

      Wasef Mater, Roliana Ibrahim, " Preliminary Study on Teamwork Communications in the Healthcare Sector: A Perspective of Electronic Clinical Pathways " , "",Vol.,No., Indian Journal for science and technology, , 07/28/2016

      Wasef Mater, Roliana Ibrahim, " Situation Analysis for Clinical Pathways and Teamwork Communication in Healthcare " , "",Vol.,No., Indian Journal for science and technology, , 07/28/2016 Abstract:
      The aim of this paper is to investigate the studies on Clinical Pathways from multidisciplinary domains to realize the situation of Clinical Pathways. Also to predict which discipline should be focused in future research. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Content analyses were used to analyze and clas

      Wasef Mater, Roliana Ibrahim, " Standard Processes Of Electronic Clinical Pathways That Support Decision Making And Teamwork Communication " , "",Vol.,No., Science International Journal, , 05/31/2014 Abstract:
      The present study was performed to determine the standard processes of computerized Clinical Pathways to support decision making process. The standard processes of computerized Clinical Pathways to support decision making process determined and investigate from literature review, and these proces

      Wasef Mater , Monther Aldwairi and Roliana Ibrahim , " Enhanced Teamwork Communication Model for Electronic Clinical Pathways in Healthcare " , "The Open Bioinformatics Journal",Vol.,No., BENTHAM Open, , 07/31/2018 Abstract:
      background: One of the main challenges to hospital patient flow and treatment includes the lack of a patient-centered approach, which in turn contributes to non-effective teamwork communication. Objectives: To introduce patient-centered approach by implementing electronic clinical pathwa Download

      Wasef Mater and Roliana Ibrahim, " Delivering Quality Healthcare Services using Clinical Pathways " , "International Journal of Computer Applications",Vol.95,No., International Journal of Computer Applications (, Germany , 06/01/2014 Abstract:
      The aim of this paper is to investigate clinical pathways as a tool to improve the healthcare quality, is a need for a method to improve patient safety, healthcare quality, and efficiency of medical activities, in healthcare there is a change in the method of looking to the services, the service Download

      Wasef Mater 1 , Nasim Matar 2 , Omar A. Alismaiel 3 , Moteeb A. Al Moteri 4 , Ibrahim Youssef Al Youssef 5 , Waleed Mugahed Al-Rahmi 6, " FACTORS INFLUENCING THE INTENTION BEHIND MOBILE WALLET ADOPTION: PERCEPTIONS OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS " , "ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILITY ISSUES",Vol.9,No., ENTREPRENURSHIP AND SUSTAINABILTY CENTER, Lithuania, 09/01/2021 Abstract:
      The desire of students towards adopting the mobile wallet technology can be affected by various factors. The exploration of these factors and the discussion of the future uses of this technology among university students are the targets of this study. The conceptual model employs the unified theo Download

  • Conference paper

      Wasef Matar, Monther Aldwair, " Teamwork Communication in Healthcare: An Instrument (Questionnaire) Validation Process " , "International Conference of Reliable Information and Communication Technology",Vol.72,No., Springer, Cham, Langkawi, Malaysia, 12/21/2020 Abstract:
      Healthcare face many problems, one of these problems is embodied in teamwork communication systems, the current HISs lack of teamwork communication tools. To introduce a teamwork communication instrument (questionnaire) in healthcare which plays a key role in health information system area. The prop
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