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Name : Abdel mnim Altwaiq

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Administrative Position : Head of Department

Office 7115       Ext No 6500

Email :

Specialization: Chemistry

Graduate Of: Friedrich–Alexander University

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    Jordan University of Science and Technology
    Aal Al–Bayt University
    Friedrich–Alexander University

  • Journal Paper

      Abdel mnim M. Altwai, " The role of extracted alkali lignin as corrosion inhibitor " , "journal of material environmental science",Vol.2 ,No.3, , , 07/13/2011 Abstract:
      Various experiments were carried out on three alloys immersed in HCl solutions to determine quantitatively the role of extracted alkali lignin in inhibiting the corrosion. The corrosion monitoring techniques include weight loss method, quantification of metal ion contents in the corrosive solutions and surface analysis methods using scanning electron microscope and micro beam x-ray fluorescence. The results obtained from the three independent methods present a clear evidence of inhibition behavior of extracted alkali lignin in the corrosion of different alloys immersed in HCl solutions. The inhibition efficiency of alkali lignin increased with increasing its concentration. Download

      Sa’ib Khouri, Ibrahi, " Equilibrium and structural study of m-Methyl Red in aqueous solutions distribution diagram construction " , "Journal of solution Chemistry",Vol.42,No., springer, , 04/15/2013 Abstract:
      The UV/Vis spectra of the m-methyl red (m-MR) ({3-[4-(dimethyl-amino) phenylazo] benzoic acid}) were examined in aqueous solutions at various acidities. These were characterized by the overlap of the different bands of m-MR. The thermodynamic acid dissociation constant, Ka2, of the equilibrium between m-H2MR? (diprotic form) and m-HMR (monoprotic form) was determined as 1.02 9 10-2 at 25 C, and that for the equilibrium between m-HMR and MR- (basic form), Ka3, was determined as 4.94 9 10-5 at 25 C. Based on the two observed Ka values, the distribution diagram of the three forms of m-MR in water was constructed. The neutral monoprotic form (m-HMR) has a maximum fraction of 0.883 at pH = 3.14. Download

      Abdel Mnim Altwaiq,, " Extraction of brominated flame retardants from polymeric waste material using different solvents and supercritical carbon dioxide, Anal. Chim. Acta, 491, 2003, 111–123. " , "Anal.chim.acta",Vol.491,No., elsevier, , 04/02/2003 Abstract:
      Using supercritical carbon dioxide, modifier supercritical carbon dioxide, solvent and soxhlet extraction procedures to successfully extract pure and high concentration of a series of brominated flame retardants from various polymeric waste materials.

      Abdel Mnim Altwaiq, Rami, Abdel-Rahem, Ehab M. Alshamaileh, Sa’ib J. Khouri, Salah Al-luaibi, " Sodium lignosulfonate as a friendly-environment corrosion inhibitor for zinc metal in acidic " , "Eurasian Journal of Analytical",Vol.,No., Eurasian Journal of Analytical, , 05/04/2015 Abstract:
      The corrosion inhibition property of sodium lignosulfonate is investigated by three different independent monitoring techniques. These methods include weight loss measurements, electrical conductance and potentiodynamic polarization. Solutions with and without sodium lignosulfonate in 0.01 M HCl Download

      Sa’ib J. Khouri, Abdel Mnim Altwaiq,, " Deceleration the hydrolysis reaction of ethyl acetate ester by β-cyclodextrin in basic medium: transition state ana " , "Journal of inclusion phenomena and macrocyclic chemistry",Vol.,No., Springer, , 12/13/2017

      Rami A. Abdel-Rahem , Abdel Mnim Altwaiq, Eman Zaben, Mohammad Alnass’a,, " Zinc corrosion in acidic solutions containing single and mixed surfactants, 19, 2, 353-362, 2015. " , "Journal of Surfactants and Detergents",Vol.,No., springer, , 06/16/2015

      Abdel Mnim Altwaiq, Rami A. Abdel-Rahem, " Adsorption of Single and Mixed Surfactants onto Jordanian Natural Clay " , "Tenside, Surfactants, Detergents",Vol.56,No., Carl Hanser Verlag, Nettetal, 01/19/2019 Abstract:
      The adsorption of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and N,N-dimethyldodecan- 1-amine oxide (DDAO) and their mixtures, from their solutions, onto Jordanian Natural Clay (JNC) was investigated at room temperature. The clay was firstly analyzed with X-ray fluorescence technique. The surface tension of s Download
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