It is important for Departments of Arabic Language and Literature to work in universities that provide special care to them and ensure their development and mission realization. At UOP, the Department of Arabic Language and Literature enjoys all aforementioned privileges. UOP views Arabic language from two perspectives; The first one is national and humanitarian and the second is job-oriented, academic and educational.
With this vision, the department opens itself up to knowledge, methodologies, authenticity, modernity and opinion and dissident opinion. Moreover, the department updates its ideas, methodologies, study plans, courses, methods of teaching and methods of assessment and evaluation in search of achieving qualitative excellence for one of the oldest majors in Arab and local universities.
The department includes distinguished teaching staff who are rigorously specialized in old and modern sciences of Arabic, such as: Linguistics, syntax, literature and criticism. Teaching staff's publications (books, studies and research) indicate their extensive efforts and perseverance in research, investigation, intellectual and methodological open-mindedness. Additionally, teaching staff's joint works highlight following principles of deep harmony and teamwork.
The department offers two programs: Bachelor's Degree in Arabic Language and Literature and Master's Degree in Arabic Language and Literature. The department admits students according to higher education laws and UOP Admission Principles. We are determined to provide the highest quality educational services to BA and MA students.
We seek to update study plans through adding courses that help students to acquire practical skills, such as: Editing and proofreading, creative witting and teaching methods. More importantly, we focus on basic language skills, such as: Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Additionally, our teaching staff employ a variety of teaching methods, such as: Student and teacher, teamwork, oral presentations, seminars, debates and writing papers.
The department achieved a significant growth in the recent years due to provision of appropriate academic environment and safe and human educational environment. We respect our students’ opinions and conscience, consider individual differences among them, fairly evaluate them, provide them an opportunity to express their creative skills and involve them in the department activities and events with a view to preparing them to work and improving their personalities. To this end, we apply the following methods: Academic families, knowledge competitions and nurturing a spirit of positive competition among them to obtain the awards of: Dictation, poetry recitals, public speaking and memorization of class texts.
We are truly interested in engaging with and serving Jordanian society, listening to students’ suggestions and feedback and exerting extensive efforts to graduate students who are skilled and ready for life-long learning, intellectual open mindedness and dialogue and using Arabic language in daily and practical life. Should you have any queries and suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact, email or visit us.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Amani Abdullah

Department Chair
It is important for Departments of Arabic Language and Literature to work in universities that provide special care to them ...
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