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Department Compulsory Requirements
203105 Technical Drawing and Perspective                                   (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: ---
This course is an introduction to technical drafting tools, their usage, projections, multi-view and sectional drawings of forms through two-dimensional exercises that enforce students' imagination and representation capability. Also, the course focuses on 3-D objects and forms, including principles of constructing shade and shadow and one -point and two-point perspectives.
203108 Three Dimensional Basic Design                                        (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 202103
This course is a continuation of Basic Design with a focus on 3-dimensional works of art. Students will learn to create effective spatial arrangement of visual elements through transformation of forms.
203111 Principles of Graphic Design                                              (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203105-203107
This course is an introduction to Graphic Design methods, principles and processes where fundamentals of visual communication are addressed. The course starts with basic investigations in the development of visual form, and moves to gradually cover more complex components of graphic design dealing with the construction of meaningful visual messages, the organization of information and the functions of two and three-dimensional design projects.
203122 Color Theory and Techniques                                            (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: ---
This course explores the theories, the techniques and the dynamic interaction of color and its applications for designers and artists. It includes an introduction to the physics of color, color composition and the three dimensions of color, hue, value, and saturation, as well as the color wheel.
203141 Computer Applications in Graphic Design                         (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: ---
This course is an introduction to computer programs particularly Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator through appointed exercises and assignments of graphic design.
203205 Traditional and Electronic Illustration Design                   (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203111-203141
This course explores techniques and styles of illustration as an art and design form of visual communication to serve graphic design purposes.  It aims at strengthening students’ representation and visualizing skills to enrich the graphic design outcomes. Students will create illustrations from concept, through to final compositions while exploring style, storytelling and emotional context. Assignments cover various themes while exploring a wide range of media.
203222 Visual Communication Theories                                        (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: ---
This course focuses on the visual communication theories and their principles. It explains in depth the sensual and perceptual theories specifically gestalt, constructivism, ecological, semiotics and cognitive theories. Also, it explores types of signs and images including indexes, icons and symbols in various graphic design applications. Students will learn the principles of creating effective visual images and designs that can inform, educate or persuade the target audience.
203223 Graphic Design Techniques, Materials and Tools              (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203111-203122
This course is an introduction to the methods, techniques, materials and tools used in producing various types of graphic design applications. Topics includes concept development, specifications of the design project, scaling and organizing images and texts, measurements and treatments of design materials, the impact of visual techniques and the communicative aspects of the design outcomes.
203232 History of Graphic Design                                                  (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: ---
This course focuses on the history and development of visual communication design from the pre-historic periods until the present. It discusses relationships between historical periods and styles, communication design strategies and social conditions. Topic encompass cave painting, the invention of writing, illustration, printing techniques and materials, the invention and development of alphabet, typography, the development of manuscripts and book design, photography, posters, the influence of modern and contemporary art and digital media on graphic design and its applications.
203233 History and Theories of Modern and Contemporary Art  (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: 201134
This course focuses on the major artists and movements of the history of art from Impressionism to the present (mid-19th century to present). Students will gain an appreciation of the aesthetic values behind the art of international cultures, as well as an understanding of the historical, social, political and scientific context in which art work was produced. The course also develops key concepts of the discipline of art history and build formal analysis skills appropriate to the media of painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, film and digital artifacts. In addition, the influence of art movements on graphic design trends will be discussed.
203251 Printing Techniques                                                           (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203107
This course is an introduction to traditional etching and silk-screen methods and techniques using wood, zinc, linotype and monotype. It covers printing process and color separation.
203252 Digital Photography                                                           (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203141
This course aims at providing graphic design students with a thorough understanding of the use of digital cameras, photographic techniques, principles and rules of composition, methods of photo editing and printing. Also, it explores aesthetic values of both black and white and color photography through hands-on assignments and digital practice.
203234 Designing an Advertising poster                                       (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203108-203252
This course aimed to introduce the student to the concept, basics, rules, elements and types of designing an advertising poster, by approaching the structure, and how to generate the idea of advertisement, and its publishing tools along with the elements used in the process.
This course also approaches the progress of choosing and creating advertising phrases and setting them up within a framework which is based on proper design ratios.
203280 Typography                                                                        (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203141
This course covers the theory and practice of letterforms and typesetting as they apply to various types of visual communication. It explains the art and technique of creating and arranging types to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. It explores the anatomy and arrangement of letterforms including the selecting of typefaces, point size, line length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), adjusting the space within letters pairs (kerning), typographic layouts and artistic treatments of type for creating images and textures. Assignments aim at creating useful designs for communication purposes through the use of appropriate digital program.
203306 Animation (1)                                                                    (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203205
This course is an introduction to animation concepts and techniques, including the creation of drawings, key frames and story boards. Assignments cover simple animation projects for graphic design applications.
203315 Advertisement and Promotion Design                              (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203234
This course explains concepts and principles of advertisement and promotion design including design approaches, strategies, styles and techniques. It explores the design of visual campaigns and meaning of visual components, as well as, their psychological impact on the receiver. Assignments include the creation of logos, illustrations, text, slogans, photos, ads and posters for various advertisement and promotional purposes.
203317 Web Design (1)                                                                  (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203306-203315
This course is an introduction to concepts, principles and techniques of web design and its applications. Students learn to create effective web design projects that help enhancing the public taste and aesthetics values, and serve the intended communication objectives of the design projects through the use of appropriate web software.
203321 Design Psychology and Methodology                                (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: 203221
This course discusses visual perception theories and concepts and their implementations in graphic design applications. Also, the course focuses on graphic design methods, processes, strategies, clients, target audiences, communication objectives and kinds of thinking including analyses of selected graphic design case studies.
203341 Animation (2)                                                                    (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203306
This course explains advanced animation concept, principles, methods and techniques through appropriate applications. It enables students to produce short movies of well-mixing and integration between sight and sound.
203354 Traditional and Electronic Publication Design                    (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203280
This course focuses on approaches, principles and methods of creating, directing and producing newspaper, magazine and book design according to their criteria. It explains processes and techniques of displaying and organizing text and visual contents that reflect professional principles and aesthetic values, including color separation, printing management techniques and materials for graphic design purposes.
203358 Packaging Design                                                               (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203141-203223
This course is an introduction to types, methods, materials and techniques of packaging design using paper, cartoon, glass, plastic and metal considering the kind of products. Topics include concept development, safety measures, government legislations, innovation, marketing research, environmental impact, sustainability and manufacturing constraints.
203398 Field Training for Graphic Design                                       (6-0-6)
Prerequisite: After the completion of 80 credit hours
Realistic involvement in the profession within specialized institutions or offices or companies approved by the department for three full time consecutive months after the student has passed at least 80 credit hours under the supervision and follow-up of the department.
203410 Multimedia Design                                                             (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203317-203341
This course focuses on multi-media theories, concepts and techniques, and explores its role in graphic design applications. Students learn to create effective multimedia design projects that serve the intended communication objectives through the use of appropriate electronic programs.
203440 Design History and Theories                                             (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: 203233
This course explores the influential design theories and movements in graphic design, architecture, industrial, multimedia and fashion design from ancient to modern and contemporary era.  Also, the course focuses on the impact of cultural and social conditions and economical change on design movements.
203493 Graduation Project Research for Graphic Design             (2-2-0)
Prerequisite: 202213-203321
This course is concerned with collecting and interpreting data necessary for working on a significant graphic design project of the student or the department council choice. Final report should be comprehensive and well-presented with clear results and conclusions.
203494 Graduation Project for Graphic Design                              (6-0-6)
Prerequisite: 203398-203493
This course is concerned with the final graduation project in graphic design.  Students synthesize their acquired knowledge and skills and develop components from their Graduation Research into a significant graphic design project. Students work independently and in consultation with a chosen advisor from the faculty. Work in progress is presented and discussed with a panel of advisors over the course of the semester. At the end of the semester, completed projects are presented for evaluation to a jury of faculty members and invited professionals. The projects should be documented on hard disks CD or DVD.
Department Elective Requirements
203281 Arabic Calligraphy and Ornamentation                             (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203111
This course is an introduction to principles and rules of various types and styles of Arabic and Islamic calligraphy and ornamentation. Students integrate their acquired knowledge and develop elements from Arabic and Islamic calligraphy and ornamentation into modern graphic design projects.
203301 Pottery                                                                               (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: ---
This course is an introduction to basic principles of ceramic using different kinds of clay substance for making three dimensional designs, including glazing and production techniques.
203303 Graphical Presentation                                                      (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: ---
This course explores manual techniques and methods, including applying textures and colors to present graphical designs and enhance their final visual appearance.
203316 Design of Permanent and Mobile Exhibitions                    (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203234
This course explains principles, techniques, methods, components and materials of creating and producing mobile and permanent graphic design exhibitions that are used for promotion and advertisement purposes. Students learn to use advanced digital programs to design and execute exhibitions.
203356 Textile Design and Printing Techniques                            (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: ---
This course focuses on the development of textile industry and its applications, including principles of textile design and printing techniques and processes. Assignments aim to serve useful purposes for graphic design applications. Field visits to traditional and modern textile establishments are recommended.
203417 Web Design (2)                                                                  (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203317
This course is a continuation of Web Design (1). It explores an advanced level of concept development, techniques and software to serve more versatile web design projects.
203425 Marketing and Consumer Psychology                               (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: 203321
This course explores the psychology of how consumers think, feel, reason, and select between different alternatives, such as products, services, etc. It discusses individuals, groups, and organizations and the processes they use to satisfy needs, and the impact that these processes have on the consumer and society, including how marketers can improve their marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to more effectively reach the consumer.
205221 Image Processing Applications                                         (3-1-2)
Prerequisite: 203252-203141
This course presents fundamental concepts of digital image processing to form the basis of patterned textiles and typography to lighting, sculptures, animation and films. Topics covered: Image formation, image resolution, matte-painting and digital painting.
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