The newly established Department of Civil Engineering is the first engineering department at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Petra. Staffed with a highly qualified faculty members, the department offers a comprehensive curriculum approved by Jordan’s Higher Education Accreditation Commission and meets the requirements of prestigious national and international accreditation bodies.
The Department of Civil Engineering aims at meeting market needs in Jordan and neighboring countries by providing highly qualified and well trained engineers who have developed and gained all necessary skills and knowledge in the full range of Civil Engineering disciplines with strong focus on ethical conduct and integrity.
The Department of Civil Engineering has seven laboratories, namely: Surveying, pavement materials, geotechnical, hydraulics, strength of materials, water and wastewater, building materials. All laboratories are equipped with state of the art computerized and automated apparatus and equipment and supervised by a team of experienced and qualified engineers. In addition, two computer labs have been established to assist our students in maximizing their knowledge and provide them with sufficient training to master several engineering software.
To establish quality civil engineering program utilizing the latest in science and technology and to offer the students a world class engineering education to better serve the community with its needs in the area of civil engineering
  1. Preparing qualified and skilled civil engineers who meet the requirements of local and regional labor markets;
  2. Creating an environment stimulating effective learning and creative thinking;
  3. Helping students to acquire major skills and knowledge to pursue their higher studies and conduct scientific research;
  1. Helping students to acquire basic knowledge and problem solving skills and improving their engineering design capacities;
  2. Preparing graduates who have the required knowledge and skills for recognizing and evaluating the engineering alternatives and their social and economic implications related to the public safety;
  3. Preparing graduates who have speaking and witting skills for career success;
  4. Training students on teamwork skills and how to be effective team members;
  5. Training students to deal with ethical and professional issues related to their majors appropriately, educating them how to obtain professional licenses, improving their leadership skills and promoting their life-long learning skills;
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Nidal Hussein

Department Chair
The newly established Department of Civil Engineering is the first engineering department at the
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