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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
                           College Of Arts And Sciences Specialized Areas Of Knowledge
Press And Information

1. Press.
2. Radio and Television.
3. Public Relations And Advertising.
4. Contact.

Early Childhood Education 

1. Educational Psychology / Developmental Psychology.
2. Early Childhood Curriculum.
3. Family And Child – Raring.
4. Music, Children's literature And Art 
5. Field Training.

Class Teacher

1. Islamic Education.
2. Science And Mathematics.
3. Arabic language.
4. Social Studies.
5. Educational Psychology /Measurement and evaluation /Management of metadata.
6. Technology Education.
7. Curricula And Methods.


1. General Chemistry.
2. Organic Chemistry And Vital.
3. Physical Chemistry.
4. Inorganic Chemistry.
5. Analytical Chemistry.
6. Industrial And Applied Chemistry.

English language And Literature

1. Language Skills.
2. Sound Studies.
3. Linguistic Studies.
4. Literary Studies.

English Language / Translation

1. Language Skills.
2. Linguistic Studies.
3. Literary Studies.
4.Translation Studies.

Arabic Language And Literature

1. Studies Of Linguistic and grammatical.
2. Literary Studies.
3. Monetary Studies Rhetoric.
4. Joint Studies.
College Of Administrative Sciences

1. Marketing Basics.
2. Marketing Operations.
3. Marketing Facilitative.
4. Applied Marketing.


1. Financial Accounting.
2. Accounting Theory And International Standards.
3. Management Accounting And auditing.
4. Accounting Systems.

Banking And Financial Sciences

1. Financial Management And Financial Analysis.
2. Markets And Financial institutions And Banks
3. Investment.
4. Insurance And risk Administration.

Management Information Systems

1. The Basics of Information Systems and Programming Languages and Applications.
2. Databases and Systems Analysis and Design.
3. systems of knowledge (decision support and knowledge management).
4. Systems, multimedia and electronic commerce systems and network.

Business Administration

1. Management and Behavior.
2.Quantitative Methods and Scientific research.
3. Information Technology.
4. Business functions
Faculty of Information Technology Specialized Areas of Knowledge
Software Engineering 

1.Basics in Computer Science.
2. The Basics of Software Engineering.
3. Modeling and Analysis Software.
4. Information Technology Skills.

Computer Information Systems

1. Development of Systems and Tools. 
2. Communications and networks.
3.Knowledge Management.
4. Information Systems and Applications.

Computer Science

1. Basics in Computer Science.
2. Information Technology Skills.
3. Computer Systems and Networks.
4. Intelligent Systems.
School of Architecture and The Arts Specialized Areas of Knowledge
Engineering building

1. Theories of Architecture and History and Criticism.
2.Architectural Design, Computer and Communication
3. Building and The Establishment of Professional Practice and specifications.
4. Urban planning and preservation of Sites and Coordination.

Interior Design

1. Aesthetics and Criticism and analysis in the design procedure
2. the history of art and architecture.
3. And apotent psychological siciologia design and environmental technology.
4. The establishment of buildings and the quantities and specifications

Graphic Design

1. Fundamentals and principles of design.
2. Computer applications in design.
3. Graphic techniques and skills.
4. Philosophy and art history.
College of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences Specialized areas of Knowledge

1. Pharmaceutical and technical products.
2. Pharmaceutical minutes alive.
3. Medical chemistry.
4. Knowledge of drugs and the chemistry of drugs.
5.Clinical Biochemistry.
6. Pathology and immunology.
7. Physiology.
8. Pharmacology and therapeutics.
9. Hraik medicine.
10. histology.
11. Clinical pharmacy.
12.Organic chemistry pharmaceuticals.
13. Analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical.


1. Food microbiology.
2. Food safety and quality management.
3. Food preservation.
4. Human nutrition.
5.Therapeutic feeding
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