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University of Petra - Jordan
New Student Profile
Dear Students .. Welcome To University of Petra. We Try always to improve the way that you login into your information, so Welcome into the New Student Profile.
Are you a recent graduate of UOP?
Learn more about the Alumni Office, receive the Alumni news letter, get help finding a job, and learn how to keep in touch with UOP.
Welcome to University of Petra - Jordan
located on Airport Rd. only seven Km. from 7th Circle in Amman, Jordan, University of Petra students receive the best of Quality Education, while enjoying the conveniency and the relaxing atmosphere of its campus.
University of Petra Faculties (Colleges)
Offering Programs ranking at the top of Jordanian Universities. Faculties include: Arts and Science, Architecture, Administrative & Financial Sciences , Pharmacy & Medical Sciences, Information Technology .
Are you a Prospective student? 
If you are searching for higher education in Jordan, University of Petra is there for you. Get the facts, learn about tuitions and fees, explore majors & degrees, and learn about the steps of applying.
Are you a prospective Employee?
if you seek a career in the education sector in Amman - Jordan, as an administrative staff or a faculty member, join University of Petra team. Learn about the benefits, health insurance, housing, and more... Apply.
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