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PhD. in Criminal Law Dr. Fathi Faouri

Dr. Fathi Faouri

Office 14309 Ext No 5800

Email : falfaouri@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Dean of Student Affairs​

Qualification : PhD. in Criminal Law

Graduate Of: Amman Arab University For Higher Education

Bachelor in Child Education​ Rasha Al Awwad​

Rasha Al Awwad​

Office 14309 Ext No 5810

Email : ralawwad@uop.edu.jo  

Administrative Position : Secretary of the Dean​

Qualification : Bachelor in Child Education​

Graduate Of: University Of Petra

Private Law Dr. Maen Jweihan

Dr. Maen Jweihan

Office 3422 Ext No 3422

Email : mjuwaihan@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Qualification : Private Law

Graduate Of: University of Mosul

Master in Political Science​ Ashraf Abu-Salha​

Ashraf Abu-Salha​

Office 14111 Ext No 5822

Email : aabusalha@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Head of Alumni​

Qualification : Master in Political Science​

Graduate Of: Middle East University

Diploma in MIS​ Mohammed Al Lahham​

Mohammed Al Lahham​

Office 14301 Ext No 5823

Email : mallaham@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Administrative Officer​

Qualification : Diploma in MIS​

Graduate Of: Al-Quds College

Bachelor in Music Education Afaf Al Otaiby​

Afaf Al Otaiby​

Office 14311B2 Ext No 5830

Email : aalotaiby@uop.edu.jo    ​

Administrative Position : Head Of Cultural, Artistic and Social Activity

Qualification : Bachelor in Music Education

Graduate Of: Yarmouk University

Bachelor in Business Administration​ Osama Al Awwad​

Osama Al Awwad​

Office 14111 Ext No 5831

Email : oalawwad@uop.edu.jo​

Administrative Position : Administrative Officer

Qualification : Bachelor in Business Administration​

Graduate Of: University Of Petra

Music Diploma Abdelfattah Abu Foudeh

Abdelfattah Abu Foudeh

Office 5812 Ext No 5832

Email : aabufoudeh@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Music Teacher

Qualification : Music Diploma

Graduate Of: Lebanon

Master in Psychological Counseling​ Maisa

Maisa'a Moustafa​

Office 14110 Ext No 5840

Email : mmustafa@uop.edu.jo 

Administrative Position : Career Guidance ​& Alumni Office Manager

Qualification : Master in Psychological Counseling​

Graduate Of: University of Jordan

Bachelor in Architecture Engineering Sondos Saleh Alkiswani

Sondos Saleh Alkiswani

Office 14110 Ext No 5842

Email : sondos.alkiswani@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Career Counselor

Qualification : Bachelor in Architecture Engineering

Graduate Of: University of Petra

Bachelor in Finance Ftnat Dahoud Abdelrazzaq Al-Khateeb

Ftnat Dahoud Abdelrazzaq Al-Khateeb

Office 14111 Ext No 5845

Email : ftnat.alkhateeb@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Activities and partnerships Coordinator

Qualification : Bachelor in Finance

Graduate Of: University of Al Albayt

Bachelor Sawsan Marwan Abu Rumh

Sawsan Marwan Abu Rumh

Office 14107A Ext No 5850

Email : saburamah@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Head of Sports Activity Department

Qualification : Bachelor

Graduate Of: University Of Jordan

Bachelor in Athletics & Sports​ Mohammed Al-Azzam

Mohammed Al-Azzam

Office 5851 Ext No 5852

Email : malazzam@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Coach​

Qualification : Bachelor in Athletics & Sports​

Graduate Of: Yarmouk University

Sport Coaching And Management Motasem Mohammad Abd Alqader Al-Hmemat

Motasem Mohammad Abd Alqader Al-Hmemat

Office 5854 Ext No 5854

Email : malhmemat@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Coach​

Qualification : Sport Coaching And Management

Graduate Of: The Hashemite University

Sport Coaching And Management Ibrahim Jamil Ibrahim Abunab

Ibrahim Jamil Ibrahim Abunab

Office 5852 Ext No 5855

Email : iabunab@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Coach​

Qualification : Sport Coaching And Management

Graduate Of: Hashemite University

 Alaa Fozan Mutlaq Abu-AlGhanam

Alaa Fozan Mutlaq Abu-AlGhanam

Office Ext No 5860

Email : Aabualghanam@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Head of Student Service Department

Qualification :

Graduate Of: The University of Jordan

Bachelor Degree in Broadcasting and T.V Abdallah Hussein Abed Al-Fatah Qutishat

Abdallah Hussein Abed Al-Fatah Qutishat

Office 14207 Ext No 5811

Email : abdallah.qutishat@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Sound Technician 

Qualification : Bachelor Degree in Broadcasting and T.V

Graduate Of: Middle East University

Tawjihi Zaid "Mohamad Hisham" Ayoub Al-Zghayer

Zaid "Mohamad Hisham" Ayoub Al-Zghayer

Office 14207 Ext No 5813

Email : zaid.alzghayer@uop.edu.jo

Administrative Position : Sound Technician

Qualification : Tawjihi

Graduate Of:

Dean's Message, Dr. Fathi Faouri

My appointment as a Dean of Students Affairs was a motivation and incentive for me to work hard. UOP president's decision was attributable to the academic degrees ...
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