Petra Music is a band that reports to the Department of Artistic, Cultural, and Social Activities in the Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA). Formed on March 2, 2010, Petra Music is now the UOP official music band that performs songs, music shows and folk dances in external festivals after succeeding in UOP festivals and ceremonies.
UOP concentrated on Petra Music Band through provision of modern musical instruments and sound equipment that are necessary for folk dance shows and provided an appropriate hall to develop the students’ talents.
Duties of Petra Music: 
  1. Attracting talented students who have the ability to play music, sing, or perform folk dance and best utilize their potentials.
  2. Forming Eastern and Western music bands and performing folk dances.
  3. Holding music and folk dance training courses.
  4. Supervising the following activities:
    • Training on Piano, Oud, Guitar, Violin and rhythm.
    • Training on Solfege (ability to sing).
  5. Composing soundtrack for theatrical works.
  6. Taking part in national celebrations.
  7. Taking part in UOP celebrations and ceremonies in a way the befit UOP reputation.
  8. Competing with other bands in artistic competitions and activities at other Jordanian Universities.
  9. Taking part in international artistic festivals.
  10. Forming joint-bands that perform folk dance and eastern songs; And Forming theatrical teams that perform short sketch shows.
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Dr. Fathi Faouri
My appointment as a Dean of Students Affairs was a motivation and incentive for me to work hard. UOP president's decision was attributable to the academic degrees ...
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