Dormitory 2017-2018

Dormitory 2017-2018
Dormitory 2017-2018

Residential accommodation is the temporary family home during the study of the student at the university, and has established this housing to provide maximum safety and comfort for the student.
The student residence is located on the campus, and consists of (130) rooms furnished and equipped with all necessary necessities, and a capacity of up to (141) students, divided as follows:
  • 119 single rooms for one student.
  • 11 double rooms for 2 students.
Facilities and costs
The students' dormitory includes rooms (single and double), study rooms, reading, TV and video watching, recreation halls, kitchens, public service rooms equipped with washing machines, gymnasium, billiards hall and attached garden for students only.
  • One large student room costs JD 800 for the regular semester.
  • One small student room costs JD 700 for the regular semester.
  • The cost of the double room for two students is 1100 Jordanian dinars for the regular semester (550 dinars per student).
  • 16% sales tax is added to the above cost.
  • The female student is responsible for 50% of the transportation fees according to the approved fees on new students.
  • These charges do not cover the cost of living and dining.
  • Internal residence fees in the summer semester are equivalent to only 50% of the regular semester fee.
  • The student will be charged housing fees and insurance for the semester at the beginning of the semester.
  • Housing fees are not refunded if the student leaves the dormitory for any reason, unless the student suffers from a disease that prevents her from residing there, according to a medical report approved by the doctor. In this case, the student fees are deducted from the fees.
  • The Deanship of Student Affairs receives the students of boarding school at Queen Alia International Airport and ensures access to the university, provided that the Dean of Student Affairs will be informed of the date of her arrival in Jordan at least two days in advance.
Conditions for admission to housing
There are several prerequisites for admission to university housing, which must be achieved in the student enrolled in addition to the laws that must be observed in the housing as follows:
The student must be registered at the University of Petra in the semester by one or more subjects.
  • Apply for admission to the Student Affairs / Housing Administration.
  • Be healthy, free from communicable diseases under a doctor's certificate.
  • The housing committee formed by the Dean of Student Affairs should approve his chairmanship to consider the applications submitted.
  • The signatory and her guardian sign an undertaking with the housing manager to abide by the internal housing system and its instructions according to the model prepared for this purpose.
  • Payment of fees determined by the university, and insurance for residence at the time specified.
  • Be well-behaved.
Rules of Procedure for Housing
  1. Housing is open to students. Throughout the year (12 months per year).
  2. The student leaves the residence for a maximum period of three days, after the end of the study and the exams for each semester.
  3. The student may stay in residence during short holidays and public holidays, which do not exceed two weeks, without payment of fees.
  4. The graduate student may stay in the housing free of charge for four days immediately after the graduation ceremony, in order to complete the official procedures inside and outside the university, upon the approval of the director of the department. The student shall pay the prescribed fees (15) Duration.
  5. The student vacates her room after the end of the second semester if she does not wish to register for the summer semester. If she wishes to book the room during the summer semester and keep her luggage, the fees specified for that semester will be paid at 50%.
  6. The student is prohibited from introducing spirits and drugs, or any kind of substances and drugs harmful to health.
  7. The student is prohibited from acquiring any fire-fighting devices or flammable materials. In this context, it is prohibited to use electric heaters, kerosene, solar, gas inside the rooms, or in the corridors of housing and halls, as the housing has central heating, and there are kitchens equipped on each floor.
  8. Pets are not allowed inside the building.
  9. On the student at the end of each semester, when leaving the housing, take their own needs of money and jewelry, and the management of housing is not responsible for the loss of any of them.
  10. Upon withdrawal from the residence, the student has to take all her special needs, and the housing department is not responsible for any loss of her or she must bring a patent from the Finance Department. - Smoking is prohibited in the TV halls, reading rooms, computer rooms and public places in the housing.
  11. Every new student must bring a certificate of disease free from the university health center.
  12. The student is allowed to stay outside the residence, on weekends and public holidays, to the persons listed in the declaration approved by the student's guardian after filling the form for the overnight with the supervisor of housing.
  13. The student is allowed to participate in university trips according to the system of trips at the university. Entertainment and entertainment tours in Amman are supervised by the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  14. The student is committed to contribute to the building of positive human relations, based on friendliness and respect with her colleagues, and with supervisors of housing, and women workers.
  15. The student is committed to using high-level discourse and dealing with the groups mentioned in the previous article.
  16. The student shall refrain from carrying out any act that is contrary to the basic values ​​of the society or may harm the reputation of the student or her colleagues or the university and its employees.
  17. The student may be accommodated for 48 hours only in cases approved by the Dean of Student Affairs. In this case, the student shall pay the hosting fees to the Department of Finance at a value of JD15 per day or be credited to her account at the Department of Finance.
  18. Visitors are allowed to visit the students, after checking.
Advantages offered to female students living in:
  1. A cadre of educational supervisors is available day and night.
  2. Educational and recreational activities for students on vacation and vacations (Btnasib from the Director of Housing to the Deanship of Student Affairs).
  3. Free car parking inside the university (in front of the residence) for those who wish to students.
  4. Hot water and heating services.
  5. Transportation using university buses during official working hours and holidays.
  6. Kitchens equipped with all the necessary ovens, refrigerators and others.
  7. A health clinic from 8 am to 7 pm, and ambulance services for students in emergency cases (at night).
  8. Laundry rooms with washing machines, electric grills, and vacuum cleaners.
  9. Daily and periodic maintenance.
  10. Use gym (gym), billiard room, indoor housing from 8 am to 12 pm.
Required Registration Documents
University Registration Card
Dean's Message

Dr. Fathi Faouri
My appointment as a Dean of Students Affairs was a motivation and incentive for me to work hard. UOP president's decision was attributable to the academic degrees ...
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