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1. Vision
Our youth must be armed with the necessary skills to succeed in the labor market and able to innovate, and be active citizens in their societies.
2. Mission
To work on the training and rehabilitation of university students by providing them with professional and personal skills to achieve the objectives of development and encourage creativity and excellence through cooperation with civil society institutions private and public to reach the optimal investment potential of the homeland, which increases the chances of employment and paving the way for a successful career path.
3. Values
  • Professional and professional.
  • Quality and mastery.
  • Secretariat and equality.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Sustainability.
4. Strategic objectives
Developing and qualifying students' skills through training and guidance
  • تحديد احتياجات ومتطلبات سوق العمل والفرص الوظيفية
  • تطوير وتنمية مهارات وقدرات الطلبة من البرامج التدريبية لموائمة احتياجات سوق العمل الأردني الخارجي
  • توجيه الطلبة على الوظائف التي تلائم مهاراتهم وقدراتهم وخصائصهم النفسية والاجتماعية
  • تقديم الإرشاد الفردي والجمعي للطلبة لتعزيز مهاراتهم وحل مشكلاتهم التي تؤثر على كفائتهم عند التخرج
  • تقديم التوجيه الجمعي للطبة لزيادة مهارتهم في الحصول على الوظائف
Activities and partnerships (Networking)
  • Facilitate the training of students during their studies in public and private companies and non-profit organizations.
  • Creating voluntary opportunities for students inside and outside the university.
  • Obtain appropriate funding for project implementation.
  • Organizing exhibitions of functional days.
Follow-up graduates
  • Provide data and information on graduates for use in specialized studies.
  • Follow up the career status of graduates in order to follow the success of university graduates in obtaining job opportunities.
  • Benefiting from graduates in developing students and benefiting from their experiences in work and projects.
  • Increasing the connection of graduates to their university through seminars and conferences for graduates.

* Services

First: Career guidance
  • Individual career guidance.
  • Group career guidance.
  • Collective guidance.
  • Electronic career guidance.
Second: Training
  • Training the skills of employment and work, including the ethics of work and methods of job search and writing CV and preparation of interviews and others.
  • Training leadership and self-employment skills, including business plans, financing, etc…
  • Training practical computer applications by specialization.
  • Languages such as English and French.
  • Organizing public awareness workshops and seminars such as violence, drugs, child rights and others.

Third: Activities and Partnerships (Networking)

  • Establish an annual career day.
  • Create training opportunities during study.
  • Creating voluntary employment opportunities.
  • Find employment opportunities.
  • Finding Internship Opportunities for Internship.
Fourth: Follow-up graduates
  • Updating Alumni Database.
  • Follow up the career status of graduates.
  • Organizing seminars and conferences for graduates.
  • Disseminating the success stories of the graduates and supporting the graduates to the activities of the university and help in establishing Al-graduates club.
  • Follow-up opportunities for practical training for employment (Internship).
The Office identifies the students themselves, their skills, their unexploited and unskilled abilities in their university life, and more importantly their lives and their near future career. The aim is to build a self-understanding student and communicate with others through specialized courses , Community service, volunteering activity, youth forums, social participation, and partial operating system alongside this study in the first academic years - and then comes the role of the office to introduce the student in his future view of his career, through workshops on how to prepare the And how to translate the knowledge, university activity and accumulated knowledge accumulated in the meeting of the employers, to whom the office organizes an annual job interview, to provide graduates with the opportunity to obtain training in institutions for the purpose of employment, and to obtain the expertise required to meet the needs of Labor market.
The Office is a link between the student community, private sector institutions and local civil society organizations that volunteer to provide quality courses such as the Association of Jordanian Trainers, the Business Development Center, INJAZ, Tomorrow's Leaders, Ibdaa Association and the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship.
The office is also concerned with following up graduates and helping them to build and develop their professional skills and willingness to engage in the labor market efficiently and efficiently, as well as contribute to their employment and to identify and enhance their practical achievements.
What the Office believes
  • Consolidate work values ​​and behaviors and acquire life skills.
  • Assisting the university student in securing permanent employment opportunities after graduation, or temporary during the university education stage (partial operating system within the centers and departments of the university), and continuous positive communication with institutions and companies for the purpose of employment.
  • Opening channels of communication between the student community at universities, the private sector and civil society organizations, signing memorandums of understanding with a number of institutions supporting the youth sector and developing their own projects such as the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship, the Business Development Center and tomorrow's leaders.
  • Provide a database on human resources labor market needs.
  • Establishment of workdays, and meeting with prospective students from institutions, companies and other private and public sector entities concerned with the employment of graduate students.
  • Honoring outstanding academicians annually from university students.
  • Provide training courses and workshops in various life and social skills that contribute to personal knowledge, how to choose the professional, through self-assessment, and measuring social and emotional intelligence, notably:
  1. Lead teams.
  2. Factors for the success of small enterprises.
  3. Talent Management.
  4. The psychology of change and time management.
  5. The art of dialogue and positive thinking.
  6. Entrepreneurship.
  7. Creativity in problem solving.
  8. Creative Thinking Skills.
  9. Emotional intelligence.
  10. Information security and protection in business organizations.
  11. How to deal with work and life pressures.
  12. Work ethics and communication skills.
  13. Leadership skills and responsibility.
  14. Human resources management.
  15. Power of memory and concentration.
  16. Establishment of the company.
  17. Distinguished skills in preparing CV, conducting job interviews and coverage letter.
  18. Mind maps
  19. Mental sports
  20. Linguistic Programming
  21. Youth initiatives
  22. Body language
  • Supporting the projects of graduate students of creative and innovative nature, to promote the spirit of excellence and creativity, and provide material support for research projects, for students expected to graduate, and support the outstanding ones, depending on the bases and standards to take into account the creators and excellence in graduation projects, through coordination with the King Center Abdullah II for design and development.
  • Helping students to develop their own abilities, in line with the requirements of the labor market, by participating in the establishment of various youth forums for the university students through various bodies in the local community such as: INJAZ, The King Abdullah II Center for Design and Development, the Pioneers Academy, the Ibda'a Association and the Leaders of Tomorrow, the Association of Jordanian Trainers, the Arab Union, the Ahl Foundation, the Wheat Grain Academy and others.
  • Assisting students in establishing companies, including SMART IDEA, Lego Furniture and Elegencia.
  • Supporting leading projects that compete at the level of Jordanian universities in the Young Leadership Contest organized by INJAZ such as its role project. I am a volunteer, cancer-free youth, and get first-class positions in these projects, including "Seven Days Park" and "You Hope" And "we were young", and other projects.
  • Participating in the youth and dialogue forums held at the official universities, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, INJAZ for the creation of economic opportunities for young people, the IRADA Foundation, the Business Development Center, the Adalah Center for Human Rights Studies, the Royal Film Commission.
  • Implementing the "Way to Your Career" program - a training program for university students in a number of institutions to train students and gain practical experience before joining the labor market.
  • Supporting youth initiatives, the most important of which is the "I am a Volunteer" initiative, which aims to serve the local community and support the activities of the Young Women's Association and its sports festivals for four consecutive years.
  • Updating the list of university graduates for each semester in order to provide them to the recruitment companies and various institutions locally and in the Arab world.
  • Preparation of statistical studies on the status of graduate students in the labor market, and the extent of satisfaction of employers with their performance, including the measurement of the satisfaction of graduates of university specialties, and services.
  • Updating information and developing the website of departments and sections of the Deanship of Student Affairs to ensure the delivery of updated information to graduates.
  • Provide graduates with the opportunity to train and build capacity in unique external training centers for free or at good discounts.
  • Supervising and updating the alumni portal and communicating with alumni, their questions and their needs through the portal.
  • Honoring distinguished graduates by presenting their success stories in the annual book, in graduation ceremonies, as well as holding annual meetings to gather alumni of the university.
  • Communicating with a large number of local and international institutions until (2016/2017) for the purpose of training or employment in various institutions.
  • Creating a comprehensive database for graduates within the Alumni System.
  • Create pages for graduates to communicate with them on different social networking sites.
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Dr. Fathi Faouri
My appointment as a Dean of Students Affairs was a motivation and incentive for me to work hard. UOP president's decision was attributable to the academic degrees ...
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