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1. Vision
Providing students with the necessary life and professional skills to succeed in the labor market, create innovations and actively contribute in the community.
2. Values
  • Professionalism
  • Quality and excellence in work
  • Honesty, fairness and equal opportunities
  • Continuous development
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity and transparency
3. Objectives of Career Counselling and Follow-up of Graduates Office
3.1. Career Counselling Objectives
A. Identifying labor market requirements and job opportunities available.
B. Equipping students with skills required at Jordanian and external labor markets.
C. Guiding students to occupy jobs that are in conformity with their skills, abilities and psychological and social tendencies.
D. Providing individual and collective guidance to students to improve their skills and resolve problems impacting their post-graduation opportunities.
E. Providing guidance to students to improve their job-finding skills.
3.2. Training Objectives
A. Training on employment-related skills, including job finding methods, curriculum vitae writing, preparing for job interviews, work ethics, etc...
B. Training students on life skills and entrepreneurship skills.
C. Organizing awareness-raising workshops that link between students, private sector companies and local civil society organizations providing quality training courses.
3.3. Objectives related to activities and partnerships (networking)
A. Facilitating students training in companies, organizations and not for profit organizations.
B. Finding volunteering opportunities for students at UOP or external companies.
C. Funding students’ innovating projects.
D. Organizing job fairs.
E. Establishing relations with relevant partners.
F. Finding training opportunities to students.
G. Finding employment opportunities.
H. Finding practical training opportunities for employment.
3.4. Objectives related to follow-up of graduates
A. Updating graduates’ database.
B. Preparing statistic-based studies on the realities of graduates in labor market and satisfaction of employers on UOP graduates’ performance and measuring graduates’ satisfaction on UOP services and majors.
C. Providing data and information on graduates to be used in research.
D. Following up employability status of graduates.
E. Employing graduates’ experience in developing students’ skills.
F. Linking graduates to University in annual meetings.
G. Coordinating with companies to secure internships to graduates.
H. Publishing graduates’ success stories in UOP annual book and annual report.
I. Organizing annual meetings to graduates.
Functions of CCFGO
  • Instilling work values in students and acquiring life skills.
  • Securing permanent job opportunities to graduates or temporary job opportunities to students during their studies at UOP under part time employment system at UOP departments, centers and units and continuously communicating with companies and organizations for employment purposes.
  • Supporting academically strong students by organizing annual honoring ceremonies in celebration of academically strong students.
  • Supporting creative and innovative projects of students, funding research project of students expected to graduate under specified principles and criteria and in coordination with King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB).
  • Supporting students in establishing startups, including: SMART IDEA, Lego Furniture and Elegencia.
  • Funding leading projects by UOP students competing in Young Leadership Competition organized by INJAZ, such as: Recycle it project, I Volunteer Project and Young People free of Cancer. Taking top places in projects, including: “Seven Days Park”, “You are their Hope”, “We were Little”, etc...
  • Participating in youth dialogue meetings convened at Jordanian Universities, King Abdullah II Fund For Development (KAFD), Injaz For The Creation Of Economic Opportunities For Jordanian Young People, IRADA Organization, Business Development Center, Adaleh Center For Human Rights Studies, The Royal Film Commission-Jordan, Ibdaa Organization and East and West Society.
  • Funding young initiatives, namely: “I Volunteer” Initiative aiming to serve the local community and funding activities of Young Muslim Women Association and its sport for the fourth year in a row and to present.
  • The following list include the most significance courses provided by CCFGO:
    1. Forming high-performing teams.
    2. Factors for the success of small enterprises.
    3. Talent Management.
    4. Talal Abu Gazaleh Path for Success.
    5. The psychology of change and time management.
    6. Positive thinking.
    7. Entrepreneurship.
    8. Effective negotiation skills.
    9. Creative Thinking Skills.
    10. Emotional intelligence.
    11. Information security and protection in businesses.
    12. How to deal with work and life pressures.
    13. Work ethics and communication skills.
    14. Leadership skills and shouldering responsibility.
    15. Human resources management.
    16. Power of memory and concentration.
    17. Incorporating businesses.
    18. Unique skills in preparing curriculum vitae (CV), conducting job interviews and writing cover letters.
    19. Mind maps.
    20. Mental calculation.
    21. Neuro Linguistic Programming.
    22. Youth initiatives.
    23. Body language.
    24. Physiognomy.
    25. Relational needs.
Dean's Message, Dr. Fathi Faouri

My appointment as a Dean of Students Affairs was a motivation and incentive for me to work hard. UOP president's decision was attributable to the academic degrees ...
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