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Prof. Al-Muwalla Patronizes an Award Ceremony Honoring UOP Distinguished Students

Prof. Marwan Al-Muwalla patronized an Award Ceremony honoring University of Petra’s distinguished students. The ceremony, organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs, was held at the Gymnasium where Prof. Al-Muwalla delivered honorary degrees and gifts to the students.
Prof. Al-Muwalla congratulated the distinguished and said: “Nothing is more beautiful than excellence and achievement and nothing is as proud and tangible as the result of great effort”. He also welcomed the students’ families saying: “You are responsible in caring for the outstanding students and creating the necessary family atmosphere for them”.
Moreover, Dr. Al-Muwalla praised academic and administrative members recognizing their efforts to facilitate students' academic life before graduation and following up with them after graduation saying: “At UOP, we know how to hold on to our children, how to pledge them to care, how to extract their best talents and potentials and how to meet their spiritual, mental, and physical needs”.
Dr. Fathi Al-Faouri, Dean of Student Affairs, stated that the number of outstanding students reached two hundred and sixteen students from eight colleges, ensuring Petra University’s commitment to annually celebrate outstanding students in all majors and congratulate the students and their families.
In the graduates ’speech, student Lina Anabtawi said: “We thank God Almighty for what we have reached, and we extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to our parents for the care, attention, guidance and good education, and we do not forget the merits of academic and administrative members to whom we raise the hats in recognition and appreciation for the useful knowledge they provided us, except for time and effort”.
The ceremony included artistic segments of the university's choir band.