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Al-Muwalla Sponsors the Twenty-Sixth Graduation Ceremony of the University of Petra

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Prof. Marwan Al-Muwalla, President of University of Petra (UOP), sponsored the twenty-sixth graduation ceremony for the first semester of the Academic Year 2019/2020, over a period of two days on the university campus. Dr. Fathi Al-Faouri, Dean of Student Affairs, indicated that "the number of graduates reached approximately 446 graduates, including the first graduation in civil engineering major".
Al-Muwalla said: "Today, we celebrate the first graduation of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. This faculty was founded in order to fulfill the aspirations of the university and those responsible for it, and to meet the needs of the labor market". He then added: "UOP still occupies an advanced position locally and globally according to the university rankings and is located in the category 101-110 at the level of Arab universities".
Moreover, Al-Muwalla pointed out the University's achievements after having obtained the Quality Assurance Certificate. He stated that UOP has made quality assurance a daily behavior, and a comprehensive practice and was the first university in the country to obtain a certificate of quality assurance from the Higher Education Accreditation Commission, and won this certificate for four consecutive years.
Al-Muwalla also congratulated the graduate students and their families. He said that: "It is a pleasure for me to extend to you, to your loved families and your loved ones, congratulations and blessings, to pass an important stage of your life, in which you have gained a lot of knowledge and skills. You are provided with what you need to face the next stage of your life, to go to the labor market, so be sure of you".
On the other hand, Dr. Al-Faouri said that: "The Deanship of Student Affairs has sought to organize the ceremony at the highest level due to the high importance it represents for students and their families, and in a way that reflects the pride of the University of Petra with its graduates".
In the graduates' address of the first day, graduate Diala Abdulqader said that: "On the cusp of four years of age elapsed, we remember completely the spirit of surprise and anticipation in which we lived the first day and we recall the shivering of our hands on the door handle as we arrive lately to class. We also remember the advice of a professor, with words of strength and thanks. We recall the spring of UOP and its roses and flowers, for nature in the university has other memories, other chapters and other magic".
In the graduates' address of the second day, graduate Farah Sanad said that: "It is the final moments when we bid farewell to our university, our professors, our friends and colleagues, our professors who exchanged the contribution to giving and friends who shared us love with love".
The graduation ceremony hosted a speech by Jordanian broadcaster Maan Amro, a graduate of the Marketing Department. In his speech, he explained how he went to specialize in the media field after graduating from the Marketing Department indicating his motivations and desire, saying: "After those years have passed, I find nothing wrong in telling my personal experience at UOP, recalling that wisdom of what seems to be a loss you will later be the same thing responsible for your greatest accomplishments".
The graduation ceremony also hosted a speech by one of the computer science graduates, Amir Salous, in which he articulated that: "Life is a station that begets another. We stand on its doorstep waiting for the next days. Remember that people do not reach the garden of success without going through the stations of fatigue, failure and despair, and the one who has a willpower does not stay too long at these stations".