ENEPLAN Project (Erasmus+ Project)
Title: Developing skills in the field of integrated energy planning in Med Landscapes - ENEPLAN
Project Manager:        Dr. Ali Al Maqousi
Project Team:            Dr. Hadeer Merza
                                Dr. Tatiana Balikhina
                                Dr. Fatima Al-Nammari
Funded By:                  European Commission -Erasmus+ Program (https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus)
Project Summary: The ENEPLAN project was conceived to address the lack of interdisciplinary approaches in higher education on energy planning and RES development in Mediterranean areas, by increasing the capacities of future professionals through innovative ICT-based educational approaches, able to integrate different disciplines (spatial planning, environment, engineering, landscape) and foster collaboration with research and business activities in the RES sector, thus keeping up with its rapid technological innovation. Addressing this issue is crucial to ensure sustainability in energy planning, and form more qualified, up to date, employable professionals, able to deal with innovative RES-based solutions and with the complexity of their socio-economic and environmental context. To attain this goal, ENEPLAN proposes an alternation of desk activities and workshops aimed at the collective production, development, testing and practical application of Open Educational Resources on energy planning, based on the tool of collaborative Concept maps. A Concept map is an ICT tool to represent relationships among concepts, and, as OER, it can be “customized” according to users’ needs, resulting in a versatile instrument for educational purposes and professional upgrade, as well as in a stimulus for developing applied research. Through this tool, ENEPLAN aims to:
- Improve the quality and modernisation of HE curricula and teaching and research activities in the field of integrated energy planning;
- Increase the labour market relevance of learning provisions and qualifications, and the employability of graduates;
- Strengthen the relations between HEI and the wider socio-economic environment, by involving academics, students, planners and enterprises in the creation of common tools and networks. OERs, uploaded on the ENEPLAN e-learning platform, will be available in English and Arabic, to be exploitable by a wide number of users in Europe and in the Arabic-speaking Mediterranean countries.
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