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President of University of Petra inaugurates Jerusalem Cultural Exhibition




The President of the University of Petra, Dr. Marwan Muwalla, inaugurated the 15th Jerusalem Cultural Exhibition organized by the Department of Artistic and Cultural Activity in the Deanship of Student Affairs at the University. He praised those who held the inauguration, noting that this event and cultural exhibition that will last for two days, is one of the most cherished events and the most expensive at the university, designed to support the nation's memory, especially young people. The event takes place annually on campus to commemorate Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian people.
For his part, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Ghazi Abu Zeitoon, pointed out that these annual events aim at stressing the close relationships between the two brotherly people and finding solid ground to establish a common understanding of the students for this mutual relation reflected through various meetings and events. This indicates that this event is the practical incarnation of the various images of the Palestinian life of struggle, the public, cultural and social life with the aim of furnishing memory and consciousness to our students in the heritage of their nation, the nation’s identity and struggle. Building a collective awareness inside them connects into the history of their nation and their quest for national unity that must be present in their minds and in their hearts toward a welcoming future and a better life.
The exhibition included figurative images and portrait paintings that tell a march and stories of heroism and sacrifice and the battles of the Arab Army in Jerusalem, the doors and pictures of the tournament in dignities sites and the battles of Jerusalem and Bab El Oued and Latrun. Furthermore, the exhibition included models of tells stories of suffering and pain faced by the Palestinian people during the struggle of their career from prison, the displacement, the arrest, the closure of borders and the insulated walls, the uprooting, bulldozing and blockade of Gaza and the policy of continuing intimidation and other abhorrent settlement policies.
The exhibition included a panorama from the work of the Palestinian community with multiple popular and traditional exhibits such as Palestinian dresses, farming tools, daily life, tapestries and social life tools. These represent an integrated image for the cultural and popular life and the Palestinian struggle, as represented by the cohesion and twinning pictures between the two brotherly societies.
The Vice President of the University, Dr. Mohammad Anani, the Deans of the faculties and a number of professors and students attended the inauguration.