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Lady Diana International Foundation Awards its Prize to University of Petra Alumna Lynn Attiyat

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Lady Diana International Foundation awarded its prize for the two social and humanitarian works of 2021 to University of Petra Alumna Leen ِAl-Attiyat. She is the first Jordanian to receive a prestigious award affiliated with a charitable foundation, bearing the name of the same award approved by the British Prime Minister in 1999 in memory of Princess Diana on her birthday. The Foundation is based in the United Nations, and is directly supervised by the princes, sons of Princess Diana; Doug Cambridge, and Doug Sussex.
Al-Attiyat - 23 years old - received the award as a result of her social work in establishing the "We Read to Go Up" initiative, with the aim of spreading culture in society and contributing to the diffusion of goodness. Vision, social impact, inspiring others, youth leadership, and the service journey. Based on the award criteria, the Attiyat initiative deserved honor due to the initiative’s success in five main areas: Vision, social impact, inspiring others, youth leadership, and service journey.
In a press interview with Al-Ghad newspaper, Attiyat said: "There were 12 Diana Prize Jury Committees, representing each region or country in the United Kingdom, and three other committees representing countries outside the United Kingdom. Each panel consists of three judges; A young man, specialized in education or youth, a business or government representative. The main purpose of the committees is to select the nominations from each country that will receive the Diana Prize".
Proudly, Attiyat raises the Jordanian flag at the meetings, workshops, and courses dedicated to the award, and represents Jordan as the smallest change-maker in the world.
It is reported that the Diana Award works to develop and inspire positive change in the lives of young people, through three main programmes, including; An Outreach Program for At-Risk Youth, a Youth-Led Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Campaign, and a Prestigious Award Honors Youth - the Diana Prize.
The Diana Award winner said that she is a passionate and practical activist who has earned an international reputation for promoting positive change in the lives of young people and the impact this has on the communities around them. The core of her work lies in the belief that with the right support and investment, young people are the best instigators of real and sustainable change in their lives, their communities, and the lives of their peers. She added that a young woman from Oman is honored with the Diana Award for her initiative in her daily life to bring about and maintain positive change.
It is worth mentioning that Leen Al-Attiyat founded the "We Read To Go Up" initiative to help young people build their cultural awareness and develop their passion for knowledge. She prepared courses and workshops to improve reading, writing and critical thinking, so that students acquire a love for lifelong learning, and an appreciation of thought and culture as the basis of civilization. More than 500 volunteers and more than 465 students participate annually, with more than 250 students participating in the weekly reading club after completing the scheduled program and Lin strives to promote a better tomorrow with bigger ideas.
The Diana Award Spokesperson, Tessy Ojo congratulated all the new Diana Award recipients, from the UK and around the world, the change-makers of their generation, asserting: "We know that by receiving this honor, they will inspire more young people to engage in their communities and begin their own journey as active citizens. And that for more than twenty years, the Diana Prize has valued young people, investing in encouraging them to keep going in order to make positive changes in their communities and the lives of others". Regarding the nomination process, Al-Attiyat stated that: "The award winners are presented by adults who know youth in a professional capacity, and have recognized their efforts as a positive contribution to society through a rigorous nomination process".