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 دائـرة الموارد البشرية جامعة البترا
Successful administration in any society is the catalyst of its progress and sustainability. It is that which allows it to achieve prosperity and which works to overcome any hurdles the society may face.
A democratic administration creates a relaxing environment allowing members of that particular body to complete all tasks entrusted to them and to employ their skills and abilities towards the betterment of production outcomes. The fast paced technological and social changes, among others, have become rapidly paced; A matter that requires an increase in coordination, regulation, monitoring and calculated prediction to face them.
The successful administration at the University of Petra fulfills the needs of the University’s teaching staff and administrative employees by providing them with their salaries without delay and by providing shareholders with the return on their investment. It also provides the general public with the products they need in order to possess a competitive edge so as to compete in the labor market. Accordingly, and for more productivity and success of its endeavors, the Department of Human Resources at UOP works on utilizing all available resources to fulfill the goals and aspirations of its stakeholders.
We believe that our human resources at the University of Petra are of high value and that serving the teaching and administrative staff is of utmost importance so that they may work in cohort to provide our students with the highest quality of education and services. The Department of Human Resources at UOP supports the University staff in their commitment towards the University by providing the former with measures for attracting, retaining, and enriching their capabilities. Our consultations and communication with the main players at the University allows us to provide better services that are well targeted and that fulfill the needs of all.
The Department of Human Resources at UOP joins up with heads of departments and supervisors to put in place strategies that are more organizationally flexible so as to improve relations among the employees, as well as their understanding of work relations – enabling them to enjoy both personal and professional growth.
The Department of Human Resources is located on the second floor of the Administrative Building which includes the following departments, centers, and offices:
  • Ground Floor:
  1. Deanship of Admissions and Registration - East Wing
  2. Health Center - West Wing
  • First Floor:
  1. Department of Financial Affairs - East Wing
  2. Computer, Information and Control Center - West Wing
  • Second Floor - East Wing
  1. Department of Human Resources
  2. Military Sciences Offices
  3. Office and halls of Continuing Education
  4. Legal Assistant Office
  • Second Floor - West Wing
  1. University Diwan
  2. Internal Audit Unit Office
  3. Military Service Offices
  4. Head of General Services Office
  5. Hygiene and Restaurant Monitor Office
  6. hotocopy Room
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