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May 2021 Vacancies

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The University of Petra (UOP) announces a job vacancy in the Faculty of Information Technology for "Faculty Members in Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence"
under the following conditions:
  1. A faculty member who holds a Ph.D. with the rank of Assistant Professor, majoring in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
  2. He/she is a graduate of a prestigious and recognized university.
  3. He/she must have experience in the following fields:
    - Programming for robots - Computer vision - Statistics for data science - Data engineering - Machine Learning
  4. He/she must have have appropriate teaching experience in the knowledge field required at the university level.
  5. He/she must have research publications in specialized, peer-reviewed and indexed international journals.
  6. He/she must be a distinguished applicant in his study of different degree levels: High School, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate.
  7. He/she must be proficient in computer skills and e-learning.
  8. He/she must be a Jordanian citizen.
  9. Not to be committed to work for any governmental or private entity.
Required Documents:
  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  2. Authenticated copy of the General Secondary Study Certificate, the Bachelor's, the Master's and the Doctorate degrees.
  3. Authenticated copy of the certificate equivalency from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (for certificates issued by non-Jordanian universities).
  4. A copy of a valid ID.
  5. A Non-Compliance of Acknowledgment with another party upon appointment.
  6. A copy of experience certificates.
* Applications, which don't meet the above-mentioned conditions, will not be considered.
* Applications and required documents must be submitted online.
* Deadline for submitting applications is Thursday, 20-05-2021