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  1. New students fill out admission applications at the Deanship of Admissions and Registration (DAR) and choose the major they wish to study in light of the vacant seats. The admission applications, together with the required documents, must then be handed to the admissions department employee at DAR.
  2. The Head of Admissions Department must verify all documents and that they have been certified duly.
    (MA students’ applications shall be presented to the Postgraduate Committee in each Faculty in order to choose students competitively and according to the vacant seats).
  3. The new students are admitted and given university numbers.
  4. The new students are given (2) Admission notices: 
    - Copy for the Financial Department (to pay study fees).
    - Copy for the Computer Center (to receive password of the students’ platform).
  5. The new students receive the Student Guide that contains information on UOP and its faculties and regulations in force at UOP.
  6. The new students must pay their tuition fees at the Financial Fepartment.
  7. Students obtain their registration forms from the DAR or from the Faculty they were admitted in. They then refer to their Academic Advisor, Department Chair and Dean to choose the courses they wish to register. Thereafter, they go to DAR to register their schedules online and receive a printed copy thereof, containing the titles and numbers of the registered courses and the classroom numbers and day and time.
  8. The new students receive their university cards from DAR that is valid for one semester and must be replaced at the beginning of each semester.
  9. The new students register in the placement exams of Arabic, English, and Computer skills through Computer, Information and Control Center and sit for the registered exams. If the new students did not sit for the placement exams during their first year of their admission, they would be given a “Failed” mark and must register for three remedial subjects.
  10. Non-Jordanian students must head to the Deanship of Student Affairs to complete their residency formality and to receive a “Proof of Student” certificate issued by DAR and a copy of their passports.

* The new students must peruse the Regulations for Awarding the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees​ at UOP which are available in the Student Guide.

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