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Providing high-quality and distinguished admission and registration services to UOP students using the most recent IT developments and systems.
Organizing and updating student admission and registration procedures and utilizing Deanship’s capabilities in providing its mandated services.
  1. Computerizing all tasks and works conducted by the Deanship staff.
  2. Increasing students’ utilization of UOP students’ platform for online registration and browsing their academic records.
  3. Improving teaching staff and administrative staff’s utilization of UOP website  for viewing students’ records, benefiting from other available services and providing academic advising services.
  4. Following-up the number of the admitted students as per UOP capacity for all majors regularly.
  5. Organizing awareness-raising activities on UOP regulations for students, especially regulations that concern them.
  6. Documenting and updating of students’ records continuously.
  7. Improving work mechanisms through making use of feedback by UOP students and staff and achieving works in the highest possible quality.
  8. Resolving challenges that students may encounter in their classes to the extent of the Deanship functions and competences.
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