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Dear Students,
My Fellow Colleagues and Faculty Members,
As the University of Petra celebrates the 25th anniversary of its establishment, we reflect on those early founders whom we honor and look upon with respect. To them we owe the achievements we witness today. Wherever we look around the University campus, we see a beehive of activity, continuous labor, and determination to fulfill the vision they foresaw decades ago.
The University of Petra, which was first called the University of Jordan for Women, had only a few hundred students back then in 1991, who joined the faculties of Pharmacy, Administration, Architecture, and Arts.
The Faculty buildings mediated a vast empty space which was sparsely populated.
Today, the University of Petra provides education for both men and women. Enrollment has exceeded (7400) students, with a faculty body of around 250 members.
We shall never forget the steadfastness, the will, the courage, the vision, and the broad hopes for a better future that guided the University's leadership at its onset, which acted as a beacon for the founding teams.
Over the past decades, UOP's leadership, represented by the University's Board of Trustees, Dean’s Council, and Heads of Departments, has dedicated itself towards achieving the goals it set forth.
We all know that qualified human beings are the catalyst for success in winning competitions among nations. We, therefore, place special emphasis on the provision of highly qualified personnel, in all specializations, in order to meet the needs of the community, and to satisfy its future demands. Therefore, the University gives prominence to learning for professional practice in order to meet social and economic goals.
I congratulate you for choosing the University of Petra as a place for learning, and hope that you will make good use of its vast and targeted resources for the development of your skills and abilities; Wishing you good health and happiness.
Dr. Mohammad Anani,
Vice President,
Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences
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