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Dear teaching staff, administrative staff,

And students,

I had the honour to be part of this nationally reputable academic institution. We all know that the universities compete in terms of their educational outcomes and consequently get listed in the world rankings. Amid the high competition between the universities, our approach and vision became evident, that is to be the most distinguished  academic institution in terms of the education quality and scientific research focusing on the national priorities, to be renowned for our safe campus and unique administrative procedures facilitating completion of the administrative transactions made by UOP teaching staff, administrative staff, and students, and to be renowned for our active role in serving the community through channeling UOP academic programs, human resources, and infrastructure in a manner that serves our beloved nation.

It has become evident that the universities are evaluated according to human and research achievements and its services rendered to this beloved nation. UOP has obtained various prestigious international accreditations for most of its majors and faculties. Furthermore, UOP world rankings rose and research papers and innovations developed by UOP teaching increased. Additionally, patents registered in the name of UOP have increased thanks to its highly-qualified staff, distinct educational outcomes, and staff working as a collective team.

Presently, the national and international universities encounter significant challenges exemplified in the large number of the traditional specialties' graduates, which require reviewing and updating their study plans and programs based on the labor market skills. Therefore, new programs should be introduced with focus on the in-demand skills and trends in the labor market. This requires conducting a thorough survey to determine the in-demand majors in the labor market. We hope that UOP introduces further postgraduate programs with a view to improving the students practical and research skills in most of its specialties, which will positively impact its place in the world rankings.

In order to achieve excellence, we must develop a clear strategic plan defining our current position and to be position and aspirations and outlining a road map to reach our goals. It is also crucial to specify and improve compliance with the standards upon which the world rankings are operated to improve UOP place in the global rankings. This can be only achieved through proper planning, taking the right decisions, and adopting quality standards in all aspects of our work.

We pray that God will assist us in assuming responsibility of transitioning our beloved University to be one of the high-profile universities through the efforts exerted by its teaching and administrative staff and providing the University management with the creative ideas that benefit UOP and all of its students and staff.

May God protect and keep you safe all​

Prof. Rami Abdel Al-Rahem

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