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Zaineh Q. Tafesh , Kenza A. Mansoor , Nidal A. Qinna , Feras D. El-Hajji , Tawfiq A. Arafat, Luay F. Abu-Qatouseh , Bayan Y. Ghanim , Iman A. Basheti , Eyad M. Mallah1, " Reproductive safety assessment of Thymus vulgaris L. extract and quantification of thymol sulfate in pregnant rats and fetuses using a validated LC/MS method of analysis " , "Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science",Vol.11,No., crossmark, India, 06/01/2021 Abstract:

F. Al-Akayleh * 1, Z. Zakari, S. Adwan 2 and M. Al-Remawi 1, " PREPARATION, CHARACTERIZATION AND EX-VIVO HUMAN SKIN PERMEATION OF IBUPROFEN-SOLUPLUS POLYMERIC NANOMICELLES " , "international journal of pharmaceutical sciences and research",Vol.12,No., https://ijpsr.com/articles/?order=cited, Panchkula (HR), India, 05/05/2021 Abstract:

Badran, A.M, " الاقتصاد المعرفي في مئوية الدولة الأردنية واقع وتحديات " , "الاقتصاد الوطني في مئوية الدولة الأردنية",Vol.0000,No., جمعية رجال الأعمال الأردنيين, Amman, 04/10/2021 Abstract:

Badran, A.M, " نحو سلام عربي ودولي " , "الندوة الدولية مجموعة السلام العربي",Vol.0000,No., مجموعة السلام العربي, Amman, Jordan, 03/03/2021 Abstract:

Riad Awad1 and Mohammad Hamad Wael Abu Dayyih, Zainab Zakareia, Lina Tamimi, " Clinical Nutrition in Diabetes Mellitus with 3rd Degree Burns and Foot Ulcer as Complicated " , "Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Health Care",Vol.13,No., Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Health Care, Amman, 01/20/2021
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