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Yarmouk Radio Station Hosts Specialists from the University of Petra to Talk about the "Coronavirus"

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The Yarmouk University Radio Station hosted experts and specialists from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at the University of Petra (UOP), in a symposium on the Coronavirus. Dr. Luay Abu Qatousa, Consultant of Medical Microbiology and Clinical Immunology, and Professor Dr. Eyad Al Mallah, who specializes in chemical and pharmaceutical analyzes, participated in the symposium as well as Dr. Dirar Balawi, Professor of Clinical Pharmacotherapy and Consultant in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases.
Dr. Loay Abu Qutusah presented a summary of the nature of the virus, its composition, the reasons for its epidemic spread, the modes of transmission, and the extent of its danger to humans, not only in China but in all countries of the world. He also stressed the importance of accurate diagnosis of the virus, and the use of modern methods of analysis, especially as the incubation period of the disease is relatively long, and that the speed of diagnosis will reduce the prevalence of this virus.
Moreover, Abu Qutusah said that the virus is still a problem, especially in the absence of an effective drug or vaccine for it, where facing this disease is currently restricted to quarantine, and taking the necessary preventive measures.
The guests presented a set of recommendations and proposals to avoid the spread of the disease in Jordan, and stressed the need to direct researchers in the Kingdom to do part of their research on finding a drug or treatment that would contribute to the cure of patients with the epidemic Coronavirus.