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The Department of Nutrition was established in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences at Petra University in 2000. The Department of Nutrition awards a bachelor's degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics with a total of 136 credit hours (four years program) and is accredited locally by the Higher Education Accreditation Authority. The Department of Nutrition prepares graduates who are qualified and able to meet the challenges and requirements of working and scientific life by providing them with all the knowledge and nutritional practices they need to keep up with the demands of the labor market such as hospitals, nutrition centers, diets and their own projects. The department assigns great importance to scientific research in various fields of nutrition, attracting faculty members from prestigious universities who have publications and literature in prestigious international magazines and receive local and international awards and honors. 
The Department of Nutrition is interested in modern methods in the teaching process, by providing the latest and best educational curricula and sciences that explain the importance and value of the food we eat daily and work to apply it in the laboratories of the department equipped with a number of the best devices used in food analysis, preservation and manufacture while maintaining its nutritional value. On the other hand, to maintain the quality and quality of education, the department adopts field and laboratory research programs supervised by a selection of faculty members to generate modern scientific knowledge, which has been translated through scientific research and field training to meet the needs of the labor market.
The Nutrition Department provides a nutritional clinic for nutritional assessment, scientific research, community nutritional counseling, practical application of diet and disease curricula and the development of student communication skills. The clinic also has the latest and the most accurate devices used to measure height, weight (anthropometric measurements), and body components so that science is linked to practical application with the latest modern and computerized teaching methods.
The Nutrition Program is aspired to be a recognized at the national and international level for their leadership in developing optimal teaching, learning and research.
The mission of Nutrition Program is to graduate competent health care professionals, capable of providing high-quality health care to meet the ongoing development of nutrition educators, skills for utilization of more learner-centered approaches, within the larger collaborative network of community and educators and the commitment to life-long learning to be able to compete in the marketplace.


  • To integrate the foundational knowledge of related disciplines (i.e., biological, physical, and behavioral sciences, education, research, technology, communication, and management) into the learning and application nutrition.
  • To provide a foundation of applied knowledge of normal, clinical, and community nutrition, nutrition education and counseling, food science, and management.
  • To promote the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • To foster intellectual curiosity and a commitment to life-long learning.

Department Chair's Message, Dr. Omar Alhaj
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