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FMC Students Excel in “Young Arab Media Leaders Program” in UAE

In the presence of UOP Vice-President and FMC Dean Prof. Tayseer Abu Arja, UOP President Prof. Marwan Muwalla honored a number of media students participating in “Young Arab Media Leaders Program” after they qualified in “Successful Speaker” Program organized at AUD by AYC.
Dr. Ali Alhadeed, Professor of Public Relations at UOP, clarified that UOP media competed with one hundred young people from fifteen Arab states to learn about practices followed in the field of media and improve their experience and skills.
The participating countries in the program include: Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and other Arab States.
The student Ghaleb Jodeh said that “the participation has been very useful as the majority of participants are media professionals in their countries. We have met experienced media stars, such as: Mustafa Agha and Dr. Ali Aljaber, and they stated the challenges they have encountered in their media career. The most important experience was working under high pressure in reuters workshop for producing media material within one day only,” Judeh added.
The student Ola Mugirah said: “We have attended several workshops with UK-based reuters agency, have met several important figures, cheif among them are: UAE Vice-President and Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashed, Youth Minister Shamma Alkaabi, and have visited MBC headquarter, Bloomberg headquarter”.
The student Ayesha Alshamileh considers that participation of well-known media figures in Young Arab Media Leaders Program has increased the participants’ awareness on media profession and prepare qualified media professionals.
The student Sali Akkras added that the participants have conducted field visits to several institutions, including: MBC headquarter, Dubai Media City (DMC) and other several channels. The participants have participated in workshops organized by AUD and Reuters to learn about difficulties encountered by journalists and to deal with them.
The participants in the workshops have obtained certificates of attendance from Reuters Agency. The student Tamara Alqawasmeh said: “We have attended various valuable lectures delivered by prominent media figures and influencers on many topics and have attended workshops organized by Reuters and AUD that added to our experiences”.
The student Bushra Albaba said: “We have met well-known Arab media figures from all Arab states, exchanged experiences, obtained certificate of attendance in Reuters Certificate upon developing our journalistic stories and qualifed for AUD Competition for Successful Speaker”.
Albaba added: “We have visited large-scale media institutions, toured their studios to learn about equipment used and how they work, and met with HE Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, Sheikh Rashid Alnoaimi and several other ministers”.
The student Sabreen Soror said that we have not visited news agencies and television channels only, but have attended several workshops on media, marketing techniques, and social networking and organized field trips to some universities.
The organizers of “Young Arab Media Leaders Program” ensured a provision of a set of training programs, training workshops, and specialized courses in traditional and digital media to hone the skills and talents of young Arab media professionals. These training programs and workshops covered many topics, including: Communication skills, media studies and leadership.
On the sidelines of the program, several penal discussion and debates have been organized to propose solutions for problems encountering Arab media professionals, identify the best practices, and encourage Arab media professionals and experts to exchange knowledge effectively.
The Program included seminars and lectures in media for Arab media professionals and field visits for the most significant world media organizations to learn about best media practices followed by key media professionals.