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The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) at University of Petra is keen on keeping up to date with the rapid changes and latest advancements in the field of Information Technology (IT). Accordingly, the Faculty makes continuous efforts in the development of its faculty members, learning and teaching resources, research, and curriculums. With close monitoring and analysis of the needs of local and regional Industries, FIT spells out all efforts to satisfy these needs by graduating well educated students who are properly trained to serve their communities. FIT provides an excellent atmosphere that can be characterized as dynamic, motivating and innovative; making it an incubator of many ideas affecting the university as a whole and the local community.
Historical Background
In the Academic Year 2003/2004 and due to the growing demand on IT studies, the Department of Computer Science, which had been serving IT students since 1991, went through a major change to finally become the Faculty of Information Technology. As an independent faculty, FIT developed a well-structured strategic plan with emphasis on quality educational programs and practical training. FIT was also capable of serving larger numbers of students with a wider range of IT related programs. These programs include: Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Networks and Networks & Information Security.
Faculty Members and Staff
FIT attracts highly qualified faculty members who possess experience in both teaching and research. In addition to teaching loads, research, and advising, every faculty member is required to join various faculty committees, participate in faculty activities, serve the local community and join faculty members' development programs. Every faculty member is also required to adhere to quality standards and to play a major role in the Quality Assurance Process. Staff members at FIT are carefully selected with the proper experience to best serve students as well as faculty members. FIT recruits an excellent team of administrative and technical support programmers, software developers, network and security administrators, web and media designers, e-learning specialists and developers, and laboratory supervisors.
Computer and Networking Labs
FIT hosts a large number of up-to-date computers providing distinguished computer-to-student ratio of more than 1:1.6; these computers are distributed in 15 computer labs. Each lab is equipped with high performance networking equipment and Internet access. The labs serve MS Windows and Linux operating systems and various applications, as well as multi-media programming. Three of the labs are highly sophisticated network labs to serve as Cisco training labs to teach CCNA, CCNP, CCNP Wireless, and IP-Telephony courses.
Classrooms & Facilities
Classrooms at FIT are carefully designed to be comfortable for students and instructors. Classrooms are equipped with PCs, datashows, screens, white boards, and Internet connection.
FIT seeks to be recognized as a national and regional center of excellence for learning and research in the field of IT.
FIT's mission is to provide students with up-to-date educational programs and to equip them with necessary knowledge and skills to become leaders and innovators in the field of computing and information technology disciplines, and to produce graduates who will be successful professionals, engaged in lifelong learning, and committed to serving their communities.
  • Professional Career: To assume successful professional careers in the computing and Information Technology industry relying on the broad understanding of computer science and related information and communication technology fundamentals.
  • Lifelong Learning and Graduate Studies: To adapt to new technologies and to remain at the leading edge of ICT practice, and to able to pursue advanced education and research opportunities.
  • Leadership and Community Service: To use effective communication skills, innovative thinking, and technical background to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner to provide services that support the community and the region.

Computer Science

Computer science is the systematic study of algorithmic methods for representing and transforming information, including their theory, design, implementation, application, and efficiency.More

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software, and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of engineering to software. More

Computer Information Systems

The Computer Information Program is designed so that a student is capable upon his/her graduation to play a major role in the workforce of Information Systems. More

Computer Networks

Computer Networks specialization is considered one of the fastest growing disciplines in Information Technology. The importance of this field of study has become very important as a result of the latest advancements in the Internet and its applications,More
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It is with a great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) website. FIT is a dynamic faculty considered as an incubator ...
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