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This program focuses on the most growing fields of Information Technology nowadays, which are Data Science (DS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The program was designed carefully to provide the right balance between the fields of Data Science, AI, Mathematics, and Computer Science which is the backbone of this program. The program syllabus covers data engineering, big data analysis, data mining and warehousing. In addition to AI concepts, machine learning, AI applications and data science. The program adopts the applied teaching methodology through hands-on experience, real life case studies and applications in various sectors such as health, manufacturing, agriculture, and information technology and communications.
We seek to cultivate well-prepared graduates capable of developing innovative data science and artificial Intelligence applications to support local and international community needs, within extraordinary research environment.
The mission of this program is to provide students with up-to-date educational plan in the field of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, and to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to become leaders, innovators, and successful graduates capable of engaging in lifelong learning, and committed to serve their community.
The education objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence are:
  • Professional Career: The ability to assume successful professional career in the areas utilizing Data Science & Artificial Intelligence applications.
  • Lifelong Learning and Graduate Studies: The ability to adapt to new technologies and to remain at the leading edge of innovations in the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence fields, and to able to pursue advanced education and research opportunities.
  • Leadership and Community Service: To be able to use effective communication skills, innovative thinking, and technical background to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner to provide services that support the community.
Data scientist, data engineer, machine learning engineer, data analyst, smart system developer, systems analyst.
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