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د. رضا المواضية / د. مجدي الدهيسات, " Self-efficacy Level and its Relationship with the Quality of Life among University Students " , "مجلة جامعة النجاح",Vol.9/35,No., جامعة النجاح, فلسطين, 09/01/2021

Wasim Audeh, " Generalizations for singular value inequalities of operators " , "Advances of operator theory",Vol.Online,No., Springer, America, 01/01/2020 Abstract:

Mohammad A. Alhailawani , " Indefinite and Not-So-Indefinite DPs in Jordanian Arabic " , "SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics",Vol.16 - 2019 No. 4,No., Slovak Association for the Study of English, Kosice, Slovakia, 12/17/2019 Abstract:

Samer Alokaily, Kathleen Feigl, and Franz X. Tanner, " Characterization of peristaltic flow during the mixing process in a model human stomach " , "Physics of Fluids",Vol.31,No., AIP, United States, 10/17/2019 Abstract:

Hassan Abul-Futouh a, Ahmad Q. Daraosheh , Jochen Windhager, Helmar G?rls , Wolfgang Weig, " Synthesis and characterization of [FeFe]-hydrogenase models mediated by a 1,2,4-trithiolane derivative: Insight into molecular structures and electrochemical characteristics " , "Polyhedron",Vol.174,No., ُُELSEVIER, Amman/Jordan, 09/25/2019
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