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د. رضا المواضية / د. مجدي الدهيسات, " Self-efficacy Level and its Relationship with the Quality of Life among University Students " , "مجلة جامعة النجاح",Vol.9/35,No., جامعة النجاح, فلسطين, 09/01/2021

Muayad Esaifan, Laurence N. Warr, Georg Grathoff, Tammo Meyer, Maria-Theresia Schafmeister, Angela Kruth and Holger Testrich , " Synthesis of Hydroxy-Sodalite/Cancrinite Zeolites from Calcite-Bearing Kaolin for the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions in Aqueous Media " , "Minerals",Vol.9,No., MDPI, Basel, Switzerland, 08/13/2019

Manal Al-Labadi /Wasim Audeh /Anwar alboustanji, " WHEN ZERO-DIVISOR GRAPH OF SOME SPECIAL IDEALIZATION RINGS ARE DIVISOR GRAPHS " , "International Journal of Current Research ",Vol.11,No., International Journal of Current Research, India, 07/30/2019 Abstract:

Hesham Alomyan and Deborah Green, " Learning theories: Implications for online learning " , "2019 The 3rd International Conference on E-Society, E-Education and E-Technology",Vol.3,No., ICSET, Barcelona, Spain, 07/14/2019

Wasim Audeh, " Numerical radius inequalities for sums and products of operators " , "Advances in Linear Algebra and Matrix theory",Vol.9,No., Alamt, China, 07/10/2019 Abstract:
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