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UOP Allocates Eighth Session of Mahmoud Al Samra Literary Contest to Recall Qualities of Prof. Al Samra

The University of Petra (UOP) has allocated the eighth session of Mahmoud Al Samra Literary Contest to recall qualities, accomplishments and contributions of Prof. Mahmoud Al Samra. This session of the contest comes after the death of Prof. Al Samra. UOP launched a literary contest bearing the name of Prof. Al Samra eight years ago.
UOP released the results of the eighth session of Mahmoud Al Samra Contest that targets the students of public and private schools in the genres of poetry, short story and essay. The results were released upon delivering a number of statements recalling the achievements and contribution of Prof. Al Samra in the areas of Arabic Language, Education, etc…
The results of the contest: Poetry: Duaa Aljawawdeh from Altaybeh Secondary School for Girls won the first place, Raghad Hamdan from Safiya Bent Abdel Motaleb School for Girls won the second place, Nour Faraj from Roqaiyah Ben Alrasol Secondary Mixed School won the third place.
Short Story: Malek Al Omari from King Abdullah II School for Excellence won the first place, Sara Almardini from Alahliyah School for Girls won the second place and Nidal Alfoqaha from Bilal Ben Rabah Elementary School won the third place.
Essay: Zainab Hasan from Khrebet Alsouq Secondary School won the first place, Shaimaa Saeed from Maisloon Secondary School won the second place and Tala Oliyan from Albinyyat School won the third place.
Avid reading student prizes went to Lina Siyam and Abdullah Abu Siyam.
UOP President Prof. Marwan Muwalla said: "the late Prof. Mahmoud Al Samra will remain present despite his absence as he is a great academic".              
"We, at UOP, are grateful to Prof. Al Samra for his contribution to UOP establishment and all staff who worked with him mentioned his good qualities and morals," Prof. Muwalla added.
Prof. Muwalla "Mahmoud Al Samra Contest will remain as a shining beacon in the path of UOP as well as secondary schools and will remain a season for creativity, competition and supporting promising talents".
A forum was organized at the sideline of contest to recall the qualities and achievements of the late Prof. Al Samra with the presence of his wife, sons, relatives, students and lovers. Friends of the late Prof. Al Samra, namely Prof. Mohammad hour, Prof. Ziyad Al-Zu'bi, Prof. Bassam Qattos, attended to take part in a forum for love and allegiance. Prof. Ahmad Al-Khateeb ran the forum.
Dean of the Faculty of Arts Sciences, Prof. Rami Abdulrahim said: "We meet today to recall qualities of the late Prof. Mahmoud Al Samra. I did not meet him personally but I heard alot about his qualities, achievements and initiatives to protect Arabic language". "I regret to state that Arabic is not in its best condition compared to past times. Many Arabic speakers have stopped to use or mixed it other foreign languages. In the same time, a number of persons did not spare any effort to improve and protect Arabic".
Arabic Department Chair, Dr. Razan Ibrahim said: "Arabic Department's decision to launch a contest bearing the name of the late Prof. Al Samra is only part of UOP and his students’ gratitude towards a great and influencing scholar".
Prof. Al Samra loved heritage, kept pace with latest developments, was opened to Arabic and western cultures and played a major role in directing us to scientific research and avoiding preference or intolerance" Prof. Ibrahim added . As for the avid reading student, Prof. Ibrahim said: "Reading is a key factor to continuity of the creative person and books are key source to expand knowledge and improve talents. Language and knowledge are inseparable. Whoever is looking forward to contributing in literature will be erroneous if believed that literary creativity is a gift as it is a skill that can be acquired and improved".
Dr. Amani Suleiman, the rapporteur of the contest preparatory committee, said: "We meet today at UOP to announce the names of winners in a new prize that is presented to the avid reading students. Arabic Department launched campaign entitled: "UOP Reads" to encourage on reading and returning value to books. Moreover, we celebrate the winners of eighth session of Mahmoud Al Samra Literary Contest. The contest targets the students of public and private schools who have already started writing poetry, short story and essay". “Mahmoud Al Samra Literary Contest became a unique annual event that was given attention by the Arabic department. Arabic teaching staff exert great efforts to encourage students produce creative works,” Dr. Suleiman added. Dr. Suleiman said: "This year, we lost Prof. Mahmoud Al Samra. Although he left us physically, we are still proud that the contest bears his name. We decided to give his friends, students and colleagues a room to recall his qualities".
Dr. Suleiman referred that students from all cities of the kingdom participated in the contest. Judging was accurate and transparent. Excluded works include: Other genres, works by participants beyond the age range of the contest and with clear intervention by teachers and supervisors, works quoted partially or completely from other works and works translated from foreign works.