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Al-Muwalla Sponsors the Graduation of "Dankook" University Students for the Arabic Program

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Dr. Marwan Al-Muwalla, president of the University of Petra, sponsored the graduation of "Dankook University" students from South Korea within the Arabic language program for non-native speakers offered by the Language Center. The graduation took place in the presence of the Vice-President, Dr. Tayseer Abu Arja, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Rami Abdul Rahim, and the Director of the Language Center, Dr. Ola Al-Dabbagh and her assistant, Dr. Heba Amr as well as a number of faculty members and students participating in the program.
Dr. Marwan Al-Muwalla delivered graduation certificates to "Dankook University" students from South Korea and stated that: "The University ensures on strengthening the role of the university centers and programs, especially the Arabic language teaching program for non-native speakers, in order to benefit foreign students, as well as students of the University of Petra through student and academic exchange programs". He added that: "Student cooperation provided by these programs achieves scientific benefit, and helps to enrich cultural knowledge by looking at the culture of the country that students visit, through the students themselves as ambassadors of their country and their culture when they are deployed on such programs".
Dr. Ola Al-Dabbagh, Director of the Language Center, pointed out that the program that was prepared for students of "Dankook University" aims to enable students to learn the Arabic language and introduce them to Jordan, its history, and Arab culture through their study of the language. She added that: "The program achieved its goals, as this was reflected by the use of the Arabic language by the students in daily life and in their interactions with their professors and peers at UOP".
The students thanked the presidency of UOP, the administration of the Language Center and professors of the Arabic language for their efforts made to make the educational program successful, noting that the program achieved its goals in enabling them to speak the Arabic language and provide a clear picture of the Arab and Islamic culture.