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The Department aims at providing students with basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), the acquisition of which should help students to develop their communication abilities in both French and English.
Sixty percent (60%) of the courses included in the study plan are French while the rest (40%) are English courses. The Department prepares graduates to be competent in both languages. Having completed the requirements of the B.A. Degree, students are granted a degree in both English and French.
We focus on preparing BA students to be able to communicate in both English and French. Attention is being paid to make students aware of the national and international developments in cultural, social and economic fields.
The program seeks to provide students with the necessary basic French and English language skills through the adoption of globally acknowledged educational approaches and methodology. These are intended to enable students to communicate in both languages and use them effectively throughout the teaching and learning process. In addition, the program seeks to provide students with specialized language knowledge in various domains, including tourism, business and education.
  • Providing students with the basic French and English language skills, including listening, reading, speaking and writing.
  • Developing basic French and English language skills to enable students to communicate effectively with others and express opinions and ideas eloquently.
  • Preparing highly qualified students with the ability to use both languages competently in the work market, thus fulfilling nationally and internationally emerging needs.
  • Promoting students’ foreign language potentials to help them grow competent with globally recognized standards through the deployment of up-to-date teaching and learning approaches and techniques responsive to the age requirements.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Ahmad Mousa
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