The Department’s vision is to promote communication, culture, leadership, and creativity.

The Department seeks to achieve the following goals:
  • Reinforcing the principles of dedication to Jordan.
  • Understanding the recent challenges that the Arab World faces.
  • Offering a comprehensive view on the Palestinian issue and Jerusalem.
  • Teaching the skills of thinking whether they are critical, analytic or creative.
  • Understanding Politics and analyzing the political reality in our contemporary World.
  • Studying the Jordanian community and its prevalent rules.
  • Mastering administrative processes and conducting leading projects
  • Shedding light on the important role of science and technology in the modern society.

Seeking knowledge and improving self – awareness, learning as a lifelong process, accepting diversity and the opinions of the others, encouraging Teamwork, valuing creativity and achievement, guaranteeing freedom of thoughts and maintaining social justice and responsibility.

Department Chair's Message, Prof. Mahmoud Alsalkhi
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