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, Third Aouthor Eng. Naila Al HayariFirst Author Dr. Mayyadah Fahmi Hussein ,Second Author Dr. Naser Thabet Al-Mughrabi, " 5. GUIDELINE FOR DESIGNING ROOFTOP GARDEN IN AMMAN BUILDINGS " , "Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences",Vol.-,No., University of Jordan Scopus, q3, Jordan- Amman , 11/01/2021

Abuhassan, Lama and Al-Omari, Kifah, " Panoptical Forms in Thriller Films " , "Visual Studies",Vol.1,No., Routledge, online, 07/19/2021

Duaa Al Maani , Saba Alnusairat , Amer Al-Jokhadar , " Transforming learning for architecture: online design studio as the new norm for crises adaptation under COVID-19 " , "Open House International",Vol.-,No., Open House International Association - Emerlad Insight Group Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom , 06/21/2021

1Mayyadah Hussein,2Aseel Abdulsalam Al- Ayash,3Naser Al-Mughrabi, 4Mutasem AL karablieh, " Privacy Zones Investigation of Human Needs in Residential Spaces During Covid-19(Jordan & Bahrein as a Case Study) " , " Design Engineering Toronto ",Vol.2021,No., Rogers Media Publishing Ltd., Toronto , 06/06/2021 Abstract:

, Third Author :DrMayyadahFahmi Hussein,First Author :DrNaserThabet Ahmad Al-Mughrabi,Second Author : Dr. MutasemAzmiBadawi AL-Karablieh,Fourth Author: Dr. Aseel AL-ayash,, " Spatial Design Methods of Contemporary Mosques: Originality and Modernity Case Study: Mosques of Jordan " , " Design Engineering Toronto ",Vol.2021,No., Rogers Media Publishing Ltd., Toronto , 06/06/2021
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