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Chatterjee, HJ, Clini, C, Butler, B, Al-Nammari, F, Al-Asir, R and Katona, C, " Exploring the psychosocial impact of cultural interventions with displaced people " , "Refuge in a Moving World:Tracing refugee and migrant journeys across disciplines",Vol.3,No., UCL, London, 07/17/2020

Abuhassan Lama, Alomari Kifah, " Sensorial Transparency in Thrillers’ Dread Scenes. " , "Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana",Vol.1,No., Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana, Malysia, 07/14/2020

Tariq Alrimawi, Wasan Haddad, " Media Students’ Capability to Interact with Augmented Reality and 3D Animations in Virtual Broadcast News Studios " , "International Journal of Computer Graphics & Animation (IJCGA)",Vol.Vol.10, No.2/3 ,No., AIRCC Publishing Corporation, Amman , Jordan, 07/01/2020 Abstract:

Abuhassan, Lama, and Al Omari Kifah, " The Phenomenology of Transparency in Thriller Films " , "Opcion,",Vol.3,No., Opcion,, Malysia, 06/16/2020

Al-Jokhadar, A, and Jabi, W., " Spatial Reasoning as a Syntactic Method for Programming Socio-Spatial Parametric Grammar for Vertical Residential Buildings " , "Architectural Science Review",Vol.Vol. 63, Issue 2,No., Taylor & Francis Group, London, United Kingdom, 03/13/2020
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The Faculty of Architecture and Arts has been distinguished for the last few years in its graduates’ professional qualifications. We are proud to be ...
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