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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

The Department of Interior Design was established at the University of Petra in (1991), and since then it includes a group of specialized faculty members, as well as other supportive staff in the specialty, who work hard to develop and update plans and designs related to interior spaces. The program aims to achieve functional, spiritual, and social needs of people and users. Accordingly, the interior designer is concerned with ideas about functional and aesthetic aspects that are appropriate to the standard criteria, and compatible with the spirit of the times. Furthermore, the study plan was designed to meet the community's need for environmental, health and aesthetic awareness through innovative and purposeful design elements.

Duration of the study in this department is 4 years, and the number of credit hours is 143 hours, distributed as follows:

  • 24 credit hours University requirements (compulsory and elective).
  • 27 credit hours of Faculty requirements (compulsory and elective).
  • 92 credit hours of Department requirements (compulsory, elective and supporting), including internship, which lasts 12 weeks, regular and uninterrupted.

The Department of Interior Design seeks to achieve excellence locally and internationally by encouraging and stimulating the spirit of creativity among students, in line with the surrounding environment and its requirements.​

​Develop students' skill and knowledge values and refine their creative talents to prepare distinguished graduates who are pioneers in the field of interior design to meet the requirements of society and the local and international market in line with Arab and Islamic values.​

  1. Rehabilitation of specialized cadres that deal with interior spaces with high professionalism that matches the requirements of the era and its changes.
  2. Refining the students' talents and abilities to make them able to present distinctive projects related to the external environment: cultural, social, religious, etc…
  3. Building a scientific strategy to develop the reality of interior design.
  4. Assisting students in preparing research and studies that would enable them to continue their higher studies.
  5. Preparing study plans that fit the needs of the market.
  6. Follow up on scientific and technical developments and scientific research that lead to the development of the interior design specialty.
  7. Holding specialized scientific conferences and benefiting from modern digital technologies that are related to the specialization of interior design.
  8. ​Follow up on all scientific developments through self-learning during the student's study and after graduating from the university.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Wasef Almomani

Department Chair
Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and Design / Department of Interior Design. I am pleased to be a faculty member in the Department of ...
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