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Interest in establishing a Faculty of Engineering at the University of Petra (UOP) sparked in late 2012, stemming from the fact that UOP always believes in continuously developing and expanding its scientific and educational frontiers. Extensive work carried out by exquisite committees and distinguished members, including the Highest Counselor of UOP, the President of UOP, Deans of already established UOP faculties, Dean of Engineering Faculty to be, as well as internal and external managers and experts, bloomed into an outstanding Faculty of Engineering that was inaugurated in 2018. The Civil Engineering Department was the first department to launch while other engineering departments of great potential and immense demand are under review for future considerations. Two batches of Civil Engineering graduates were celebrated in the academic year 2019-2020 and many many more are yet to be rejoiced in the future, hopefully in all engineering disciplines. Local accreditation has been obtained and international accreditations are sought after and are on our top priority list. 
The minute that you step into the Faculty of Engineering, you feel that the building is different, in a very nice way. It is an architecturally modern - aesthetically eye catching – comfortable new building. The laboratories are enormous and equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus. Classrooms and lecture halls are neatly furnished and professionally geared for top quality teaching. Contemporary computer labs are enriched with licensed engineering softwares and programs. The central heating/cooling system running year long keeps the students and staff focused and productive. Spacious faculty offices, clean facilities, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, and many more infrastructural advantages, all render the building as the marvelous Faculty of Engineering at the University of Petra.
In terms of personnel, Faculty members are highly qualified - friendly people. They are finely selected as graduates of reputable academic institutions who are dedicated to teaching and research. Our Laboratory supervisors are well trained engineers equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to cover the technical aspect of theoretical courses. Our staff always go the extra mile to make ensure that our students are being provided with an extraordinary educational experience.
Combing exceptional infrastructure, rigorous curricula, and respectful - spirit lifting- talented professionals results in a definition for the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Petra.
We hope that you will pay our Engineering Faculty a visit and we will be more than happy to welcome and help you.

The vision of the Faculty of Engineering is to graduate highly qualified engineers, maintain nationally recognized research and provide quality professional and community service to the region and the world.

The mission of The Faculty of Engineering is to  provide its graduates with top quality education in engineering, preparing them to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of society and to continue learning their discipline, allowing them to move into other related fields. It also strives to provide a learning environment that promotes excellence and innovation, ethical practice and responsibility towards society.     ​

The objectives of the Faculty of Engineering are:

1.  To ensure that graduates will have a mastery of fundamental knowledge, problem solving skills, engineering experimental abilities and design capabilities necessary for entering engineering career.

2.  To produce graduates that have the knowledge and skills necessary for identifying and assessing design alternatives and the related social, economic, environmental and public safety impacts.

3.  To produce graduates who have verbal and written communication skills necessary for successful professional practice.

4.  To prepare graduates to function effectively on teams.

5.  To prepare graduates to deal with ethical and professional issues.

6.  To prepare graduates for professional licensure, leadership roles and life-long learning.


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