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Welcome to the site of the Faculty of the Administrative and Financial Sciences (FAFS), Petra University, Amman, Jordan.
Welcome to FAFS which is truly called Faculty of high performance, a description well deserved since it scored excellent results in the university proficiency tests; it scored the top position in all disciplines taught by the college, among the state and private universities in Jordan.
Welcome to FAFS which follows highly advanced plans of study in all its fields of specialization for the degree of Bachelor and is in par with the standard of reputable Arab and foreign universities. This high standard is confirmed by the experts of Al-Husain Fund for Creativity and Excellence. In a qualitative development, FAFS has been moving toward graduate studies through offering graduate programs leading to masters degrees in some majors. Indeed, FAFS started at the beginning of the academic year 2011-2012 an MBA program leading to Masters Degree in Business Administration and an MSc in Marketing program leading to masters degree in Marketing this year.
Welcome to FAFS has which started to progress with firm steps toward electronic education and technology involving the using a wide scale of the Blackboard Educational System in preparing teaching material, lectures, and examinations covering 65-70% percentage of the courses taught at the college. Also, FAFS was among the first to establish a link between one of its laboratories and the stock market of Amman to help its students to have a first- hand experience of how stock exchange works.
It is a success story, some of its chapters have been written with hard work and diligence, and there remain other chapters to be written, and hopefully they will be written soon.
It is hoped that the following pages will contain sufficient information in Arabic and English about the various aspects of The Faculty covering a brief bout scholarships offered by the university for candidates to study abroad for the Ph.D degree. The pages offer information about the staff members, the lecture halls, and the various laboratories. We hope that the visitor will find in these pages what he/she is looking for.
Faculty Dean 
Dr. Saheer Al-Jaghoub
Dean's Message, Dr. Saheer Al-Jaghoub

Welcome to the site of the Faculty of the administrative and Financial Sciences (FAFS), Petra University, Amman, Jordan. Welcome to FAFS which ...
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