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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

Financial Technology (FinTech) is the latest in Financial Sciences by integrating Financial Theories with Smart technologies and Data processing Methods to provide the right Financial and Investment Decisions in Business and Financial Institutions. Financial Technology is the practical Reality of the digital revolution and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business and Financial Industry.

The department should be the focus of attention for those looking for a technical financial education that qualifies them to enter the smart age in the financial Industry and Business sector at the local and Regional levels.

Providing advanced Technical Financial education based on the latest methods of teaching, learning and critical thinking, with the student being the focus of the teaching process and scientific research.

  1. Presenting A High-Level and Distinguished Program.
  2. Providing Students with Advanced Financial Sciences and Skills That Qualify Them to Enter the Financial and Business Sector.
  3. Creating an Encouraging and Supportive Environment for Scientific Research.
  4. Communicating with The Local Community Through Exchanging Experiences and Providing Financial and Technical Advice.

Department Chair's Message, Dr. Khalaf Bqain

Department Chair
The Financial Technology Department was established to supply the local and regional market with qualified graduates who are able to ...
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