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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
The UOP Business Incubator was established at the Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences in 2016. The UOP Business Incubator provides various services to entrepreneurs and start-ups, including: Training services, library services, accounting services and legal services and acts as a channel of communication between teaching staff, administrative staff and owners of incubated projects.
To serve as a platform for incubation of leading investment projects of UOP students and graduates.
“Qualifying pioneering and creative students and graduates; Helping them to convert their ideas to competitive enterprises at market and become owners of small and medium businesses rather than job seekers; Emphasizing on involvement, transparency and social responsibility in a manner that helps in achievement of UOP vision, mission, values and goals”.
  • To raise awareness about creativity, entrepreneurship and culture of excellence among UOP students through launching programs of discovering, improving and encouraging pioneering students;
  • To create an environment that encourages creativity and establishment of pioneering enterprises;
  • To qualify pioneering students through organizing various training programs on the method of turning ideas into successful enterprises at market;
  • Providing facilities and resources needed by entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into implementable enterprises;
  • Providing technical and administrative consulting services to entrepreneurs;
  • To organize events of launching qualified enterprises at market and support them;
  • Ensuring sustained support from all UOP faculties and departments to achieve the incubator objectives;
  • Opening channels of communication between public and private organizations to ensure sustained support for incubated enterprises;
  • Establishing cooperation and bridges of communication between centers of excellence and innovation in Jordan and worldwide; Building partnerships to share other experiences and benefit from them in providing various services to pioneering and creative beneficiaries of the incubator; and
  • Organizing other activities that achieve the incubator objectives.
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