The E-Learning Center provides IT consulting services on e-learning and reports to the Faculty of Information Technology. Moreover, the center supplies innovative e-learning equipment and machines in order to achieve UOP educational and commercial objectives.
Duties of E-Learning Center:
The E-Learning Center is a specialized center in e-learning technology that is tasked with:
  • Combining between traditional educational methods with modern educational methods;
  • Managing UOP-used e-learning systems and software;
  • Converting traditional learning materials to e-learning materials;
  • Providing software that aids in developing e-learning materials;
  • Broadcasting video lectures and publishing educational materials instantaneously;
  • Conducting online examinations;
  • Evaluating teaching staff and publishing evaluation results on UOP website;
  • Developing integrated practical solutions that enable the university in utilizing IT investments to resolve the most urgent problems and achieve working objectives;
  • Understanding main problems that face education process and designing appropriate solutions for them.
Our major objective is to achieve UOP vision, UOP tutors and UOP students by utilizing technology in education.
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