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The Universities' Concern for quality assurance and quality management is considered an indication of the universities' awareness regarding one of the most important factors that lead to success, continuity, and social responsibility.  This may be explained by the great impact of the universities' outputs on building and improving the community. For that reason, the University of Petra (UOP) has endeavored to build, support, and successfully implement its quality assurance system and then draw on its outputs, reflecting a reputation that is trusted by the community in general and academics and educators in particular. 

This journey started in 2006 when UOP participated in all activities and workshops organized by Al Hussein Fund for Excellence (HFE). Subsequently, all UOP departments participated in HFE Auditing Program, and the Quality Management System project (QMS - ISO 9001:2008) was launched in 2010. UOP formally gained ISO 9001 Certificate upon completing external auditing by the granting institution in 2011. The development process continued until the university obtained the (QMS - ISO 9001: 2015) certificate in 2017.

UOP has applied to Higher Education Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (HEAC) to obtain Quality Assurance Certificate in October 2010; HEAC was part of a selected group of local and international commissions granting quality assurance accreditation to higher education institutions, as it believes in the importance of accreditation and its role in improving the educational process in Jordan. UOP application was accepted in January 2011, and UOP efforts were crowned upon obtaining the quality assurance certificate in 2015 to be the first institution that obtained this certificate in Jordan.

Preserving significant achievements is usually harder than attaining them. Consequently, we consider quality assurance certificates as a cornerstone and starting point towards Excellence. Efforts should continue to be made for the improvement and development in scientific, administrative and research areas, including improving the skills of academic and administrative staff, improving academic programs, syllabuses, and teaching methods, utilizing self-assessment, and improving student services to achieve the university objectives.

The university’s interest in developing the academic process has resulted in obtaining many local and international accreditations for its programs such as ABET, ACPE, ASIIN, ASIC.

In UOP, we believe that the continuous improvement process must consider the opinions of students, graduates, the local community, and market demands. It must benefit from the experience of professors and scholars and keep pace with the most prestigious educational institutions to achieve UOP vision, mission, and objectives in adherence to UOP values.

Based on that, UOP has formulated a forward-looking vision. The main feature of this vision lies in the importance of quality as a daily practice and a lifestyle. It also emphasizes the importance of local achievements as an essential foundation for the pursuit of global reputation.

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