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Scientific Webinar (Seminars) at the Department of Graphic Design, University of Petra

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The Department of Graphic Design at the College of Architecture and Design held two Webinar‘s through.
The first Webinar in titled: (The adaptation of Arabic calligraphy aesthetics and functionality in graphic design) delivered by Prof. Dr. Iyad Al-Husseini, at Al-Nahrain University - Iraq, which dealt with the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy and methods of using it in design, as well as reviewing many special artistic experiences that clarified the origins of using calligraphy with modern technologies.
The second Webinar  was held under the title: (Fundamentals of Color in Design) and delivered by Professor: Abbas Al-Asmar, A renowned speaker at international events addressing the use of a virility of platforms like Adobe, Behance, ENVATO and logo design of the twentieth anniversary of the accession of His Majesty King Abdullah II.
The Webinar addressed the rich diversity in presenting the composition of colors, connotations, and the correct deployment in adaptive modern design.
Dr. Mohamed Khairy, Head of the Graphic Design Department, stated that the Webinars are imperative pinnacle of the framework of the department’s policy of diversifying learning resources and enriching of education of students by attracting important symbols of graphic design.
Dr. Fatima Al-Nimmari, Dean of the College of Architecture and Design, emphasized the importance of such meetings in influencing students' ideas and orientations and linking them to market trends and ways of interacting with it.